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Getaways to the countryside or to a swamp to do picnics they are very popular during the summer months. And, to endure these long days it is necessary to prepare some good Snacks. Which will provide you with the necessary energy to enjoy a magnificent day. But currently, a grave danger. This already appeared a couple of years ago, the one of the contaminated sausages. And it is that, in recent days, different cases of the presence of Listeria in such products. Do you want to know what are the procedures to be followed? The fullfilment of security requirements its the first!

If there is something that Andalusia can boast of, in addition to the magical places that its provinces hide, it is its gastronomy. If there is something that the lands of the south have, it is that in them both tradition and avant-garde in the kitchen converge, forming a very varied and special recipe book. I mean, wherever you go, you can find art, culture and soul everywhere. And precisely about that we come to talk to you today, about a product with a lot of history: the Andalusian carnival filling. Let's discover what this food consists of and all its secrets!

Andalusian carnival stuffing and its origin

First of all: what is the Andalusian carnival filling? For connoisseurs or connoisseurs of this dish it will be obvious, but there are many people who have heard about this preparation for the first time. We well know that it is originally from southern Spain, but is it sweet? salty? What does it look like and taste like?

Well, this is a sausage It is made, essentially, based on high pork loin, turkey breast, egg, breadcrumbs, serrano ham, garlic, parsley, turmeric and saffron. In reality, it is a dish that, like so many others, varies in ingredients from one house to another, from this kitchen to that. However, it could be said that these are the products needed to make the Andalusian carnival filling. Then a masa With all the aforementioned ingredients, it is stuffed into a cow or pork tripe and cooked in boiling water. There are those who make it in a poultry broth, to give it more flavor.

Andalusian carnival filling

Andalusian carnival stuffing by Carnicerías Peláez | Source: carniceriaspelaez.com

In the past, to prepare this sausage, the way of proceeding was quite different from how it is done today. Massacres were carried out during the last months of the year, November and December. Later, according to Antonio Peláez de Butchers Peláez to Diario Sur, "it was customary to salt some parts of the pork, such as the heart, stomach, legua or papadilla, and later, in February, desalt it and use them as raw material to make the stuffing."

There is an explanation for a doubt that concerns the name of this food. Why is this product known as “Andalusian carnival filling? The truth is that, as its name indicates, it is a sausage that was made, formerly, during the month of February. Hence, it is associated, still today, with this carnival time. In any case, nowadays it is made throughout the year, being a fixed sausage in many establishments -as we will see later-.

The tradition of stuffing

As we have already said, it is a product with a lot of history and also highly valued. Antonio Peláez told Diario Sur that, although today it is consumed at any time of the year, February is still the month with the highest demand in its Butcher shop.

However, yours is not the only establishment that sells this food; and each one of them does it in a particular way, giving it a unique and personal touch. For example, the Mari butcher shop en Villanueva del Trabuco has its own preferences. Carlos Toledo, the owner, tells Diario Sur that they try to “prepare it in the most craft possible, without ingredients that are not natural ”; that is, they use lemon as a preservative. In addition, in this butcher shop they prefer to use, more commonly, chicken instead of turkey.

And like these stores, so many others in the area of ​​the  Sierra Norte de Málaga; many of them concentrated in the municipalities of Archidona, Caves of San Marcos o Villanueva from Algaidas. In fact, in this last town the celebration of the Carnival Stuffing Day. The idea is a sausage tasting and then start the Carnival. An important day that recalls a gastronomic tradition that, for many years that pass, continues to live.

However, not all the elaboration of the Andalusian carnival filling is located in this Malaga region. There are other regions of Andalusia where the Andalusian carnival filling is also prepared; among them, areas of Jaén and Córdoba. One more proof that the Andalusian cookbook, even with all the advances it experiences, has a special place for tradition.

Surely you have ever heard of or been lucky enough to try the tasty products of the well-known Grupo Tello Food. They market foods such as ham, chóped, chicken or turkey. And, now, they have surprised us all again with a new range of stews called Essence. Do you want to know more about this renowned brand and about the delicious cocidos of Tello? Right now we will tell you.

Grupo Tello Food, quality meats

Grupo Tello Food is a Toledo company with more than 50 years of experience. His adventure started it Eusebio Tello Cogolludo with the opening of a small store in San Pablo de los Montes (Toledo). There the activity of commercialization of the products began. They specially make food meat and its motto is to maintain the balance between innovation and tradition. Likewise, it currently consists of more than 1000 workers and produces more than 60 million kg per year.

Tello stews

Tello brand logo | Source: Tello.es

Since 2017, companies Pamplonica and Mina became part of the great Tello Group. And in 2019 it continued to grow, incorporating its great family into the brands of Valle, Vicente López and Montflorit. Now they have decided to venture again by launching the incredible range Essence.

Tello stews, with more than 80% meat

Tello's Esencia range is made up of a selection that is made up of Duroc Cooked Ham, Turkey Breast and Chicken Breast. The first of them, with a 94% percentage of meat of origin 100% national, is made from a single piece of Duroc hams. Also from exclusively certified farms with Animal Welfare. The other two references are formed by a 80% and 90% meat percentage, respectively, and are made from whole breast boneless by hand.

Tello stews

Tello's Turkey Breasts | Source: Tello.es

These new products are available in counter piece and sliced ​​formats (125 grams). Likewise, the range It has neither gluten, nor lactose, nor colorants, nor added starches. In addition, the packaging is recyclable, that is, the pieces are presented in reusable 100% cotton cloth bags. And the sliced ​​ones, meanwhile, come out in reclosable containers and with a 37% reduction in plastic.

Your commitment to sustainability

One of the many short-term goals of Grupo Tello Food is to deepen its ecological commitment, implementing in its processes solutions based on the eco-sustainable development model that the survival of the planet requires. Thus, the company is undertaking an important and significant reduction of plastic in its packaging; to which, in addition, it is beginning to incorporate recyclable, reclosable and recycled materials.

Renowned chefs of the Tello Food Group | Source: Tello.es

Responding to the contribution of companies in improving the environmental health, Tello has also accelerated the implementation of procedures that contemplate its sustainability plan, aimed at reducing pollution and promoting the efficient use of resources. For this, the company has begun to reduce 25% of plastic in its packaging in the entire range of processed slices, and to manufacture the heat-sealing trays of fresh products in mono PET, with 92% recycled material.

The importance of caring for animals

To promote the circular economy, it is also incorporating other new measures, such as the transport of the products in reusable boxes, managing to reduce the generation of waste. Similarly, the care of animals It's fundamental. With it, a higher quality raw material is guaranteed, which helps them to continue fulfilling their main commitment. And, of course, with its reason for being, to contribute to the good diet, health and well-being of all people by making products of the highest quality.

Black pig

Tello is a brand known for its sausages / Source: Pixabay

Now that you know a little more about the history of the origin of the Tello Group, its ecological commitment and its new cooked We hope you give them a try and enjoy them even more. You can get them in the Tello online store or in supermarkets such as Carrefour, Corte Inglés or Alcampo, at a really affordable price. What are you waiting for to meet the Duroc Cooked Ham, Turkey Breast and Chicken Breast from the Esencia range? We are looking forward to doing so.

It is clear that Spanish products have a spectacular quality. All national supermarkets strive to offer the best to their customers. However, lately, there have been some cases that cast doubt on this claim. And, the most famous has been that of DAY. Company that has launched fake Iberian. But, their senior officials assure that they have been victims of a big fraud. Therefore, they do not consider themselves guilty of this scam. Do you think that the sale of these foods spoils the reputation Of the brand?

The people of Pamplona and Pamplona have already lived the traditional chupinazo this Saturday, July 6 to start one of the most popular festivals in Spain. Although the leading role falls almost entirely on the bull, between those bullfights, that regional music or that refreshing wine bath, too Navarre gastronomy in San Fermín expresses its tradition with various typical dishes. Those who stand out for providing enough energy to face each day of celebration. Here we present them together with the main ingredients and a lot of flavor to the San Fermines 2019.