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The huevina, substitute of the egg?

The roe, a food that many of us are unaware of. It is possible that by the name you can get an idea of ​​its function. Exact! Is a...

Contaminated sausages, be very careful!

Picnic trips to the countryside or swamp are very popular during the summer months. And, to endure these long...

Summer mistakes that you are sure to make, watch out!

In summer there is more chance of food being contaminated or bacteria growing on it. This is due to the high...

Rapeseed oil poisoning, the most expensive fraud

It has just been 40 years since the biggest food crisis in Spain that cost the lives of 5.000 people. How was the rapeseed oil poisoning?

How you should handle food well

To avoid poisoning, cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen are essential, but you should also know tips for handling food properly.