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How many coffees can you have a day?

Many say that the breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. That is, what you eat at this time marks the future of the rest of the day. But you know how many coffees can you drink per day? He is the protagonist of this meal, but you have to follow certain recommendations.

How many coffees can you have a day?

El coffee It is the second most popular drink in the world. Just behind the water. But, as always, everything in excess is pernicious. So, you have to put certain limits. According to several experts, there is a maximum consumption for coffee to provide certain benefits. Ideally, take between two and three cups up to date. Which translates to between 200 and 300 milligrams.

Although, in certain cases that amount could increase. Even reaching the 400 without having any kind of consequence. If you don't know why to follow these directions, the answer is easy. The caffeine contains one psychoactive drug. It improves your metabolism and increases your attention span. But, in excess, it could be a health problem long term.

How much coffee can you drink per day
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Possible negative consequences

Exceeding your coffee consumption can have Some inconvenients. In fact you cardiovascular system y nervous could be affected. Which would pose more health risks. And it could even produce Urinary incontinence. Coupled with this, large amounts of caffeine could be quite harmful. So, if you prefer a large coffee, it is better to drink it less times a day.

Knowing this, you must take into account the amount of coffee that you put in your cup. Because it is not the same to drink 3 small glasses of coffee a day, than 3 giant cups. Finally, the pregnant women they must be more careful. Because according to EFSA, for this type of population the quantity must be less. They should not exceed 200 mg daily.


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What do you usually have for breakfast or drink in the middle of the morning? Remember to keep in mind how many coffees can you drink per day. In this way, you will enjoy a quality drink without danger. Wake up with energy!