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Properties of halal meat, did you know them?

Discover the properties of meat halal. Delve into the world of Islam by reading this article and break the wall of silence. The animalistic controversy about this method of sacrifice was sounded at the time. However, do you know anything about the life of these animals other than their last moments? Is the meat of Muslims healthier? Let's check it out!


Islam, that great unknown. The number of believers of this faith has exceeded two million in 2020. The study of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain give part of it. However, despite its rapid growth, a large part of Spaniards are unaware of its customs. We are especially concerned with the issue of food, so we will deal with halal meat.

If you've been following us for a long time, you might read an article about the controversy surrounding it. For some it symbolizes freedom of worship and for others the animal cruelty. Today we will focus on what makes this meat different if we compare it with the usual one. That is why it is not as simple as slaughtering a lamb looking at Mecca, as many think. However, it is much more.

The ritual

The ritual consists of a slaughterer versed in the koran grave the animal in the direction of Mecca. You should do it in a leisurely way so as not to overwhelm him. When the time comes, ask permission from the Almighty to take his life in order to feed himself. According to Islam, it is God who has the power to give and take each life. However, it leaves a few good causes in which human beings can do so. Of course, on his behalf and thanking him.

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Various meats with halal stamp / Photo: carniceriahalal-store

Immediately afterwards, he cuts a very quick cut on the jugular with a knife very sharp. It is essential that it is fast and precise to cause the least possible suffering. In addition, it is forbidden for the animal to see the weapon. The sacrifice cannot be witnessed by other animals either. The goal is to stress him out as little as possible. The troubled part in Europe is that it cannot be stunned beforehand. So you must be aware.

Main properties of halal meat

There are several properties of halal meat that may interest non-Muslims. One of them is feeding the animals. The Qur'an demands that this be natural. Allows grass but and hay but not hormones for rapid fattening. The Antibiotics, proteins of animal origin or any substance that affects its growth. For this reason, a halal steak does not lose water and stays the same size in the pan.

Another property of halal meat is that it is quite lean. Thus, the fat is infiltrated rather than localized. This is because the animal must have room to move. Exercise the muscles and avoid Stress typical of overcrowded farms. Therefore, halal and intensive farming do not get along.

Taking into account the previous characteristics, we can speak of a meat of fairly inexpensive quality. You can find the kilo of beef at 6'50 euros easily. Do the test in your kitchen and you will realize how little fat it has in addition to not losing water.

Halal guarantee seal / Source: @InstitutoHalal on Twitter

A curious case is that of fish. If we talk about the properties of halal meat, we should not ignore the inhabitants of the sea. We must bear in mind that halal certifiers cannot approve farmed fish. It is very difficult for them to know if they have consumed animal by-products at some point in their life. These certifiers work for the Halal Institute, who verifies different products in Spain and Mexico.

Is it healthier?

Is this kind of meat healthier than the conventional one? We cannot know because of the lack of studies about the topic. It is clear that meat in its proper measure and chosen with criteria can be a great ally. On the issue of abuse, the debate continues. Is it less ethical to give them a dignified life even if we kill them without stunning, than to have them right but stun them before the sacrifice? It can be seen from many edges. Not everything is black or white.