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Moment of drinks without y 0,0

Indisputably increases the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages. It does so in its different versions both in non-alcoholic drinks and in drinks with 0,0% alcohol content. It also does so in non-alcoholic drinks or with a lower degree of alcohol than is usual.

Fashion, health and the wide range of proposals for drinks with or without alcohol are the main reasons for this increase in non-stop consumption. The trend in moderation in alcohol consumption is something well seen and recommended and all this encourages many consumers. More and more consumers know that this consumption should be moderated for many reasons, but health is one of the most important. In the United States, a trend-setting market, the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages and 0,0 grows year after year and in double digits.

Many are the wineries that are signing up to dealcoholize their wines. All in order not to lose, and try to win, a market of young people who, although they consume alcoholic beverages, do so less frequently and substitute other alternatives. One of these alternatives are drinks without, 0, 0 and drinks that are dealcoholized or prepared with low alcohol with around 5º.

The latest brands that promote their 0,0 or non-alcoholic drinks

One of the cases is Penascal Wineries that continues to seduce the young public, after doing so with its canned wine, it does so with the presentation of Peñascal Sin Alcohol and Peñascal 5,5%. A proposal of dealcoholized wines totally or partially "for those who want to enjoy the fresh and sparkling flavor of always without limits" they say from the company.

Another great proposal is that of Sidra El Piper that presents the first cider 0,0. A cider that is made by the traditional method to be subsequently dealcoholized. Everything to expand the number of consumers and also their consumption.

Large distillate companies also get on the train, an example is that of Seegram's 0,0 the first non-alcoholic launch of the Pernod Ricard Group in Spain. A drink that has worked hard to achieve an intense, natural and refreshing flavor that does not disappoint.