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A review of the best Consum wines

On other occasions we have talked about the best wines from various supermarkets. Today we are going to focus on the Consum. One of the most popular of the entire Mediterranean coast. So if you want to know what they are the best Consum wines, attentive that we list the most profitable.


5 of the 10 best supermarket wines are sold at Consum

Getting to the wine area of ​​your favorite supermarket and finding the best among all the existing varieties is a task practically impossible. That is why we are going to put ourselves in the hands of the expert henry murillo to know which is the best wine that can be bought in a supermarket for less than ten euros. And it is that his opinion is contrasted and recognized with prizes as exclusive as the Order of Agricultural Merit of the French Republic.

Following your recommendations we have come across your guide to The best super wines. In which we find, neither more nor less, that five of them can be purchased at the Consum. These are: Hoya de Cadenas; Mo Salinas; Hermitage House; Cune Breeding; and Tilenus Oak.

best consumer wines
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What are the best Consum wines?

However, they are not by far the best wines offered by Consum. That's how it ensures Vicent Marco on his homonymous blog. Claiming that it is your usual and trusted supermarket, you have made a list in which you recommend your top ten. Following the criteria of quality - price, has chosen a total of 6 reds, 2 whites and 2 cavas.

Red Wine

  • Seque Hillside, One of the best Consum wines. It is an Alicante wine that combines the varieties of monastrell and shyraz. Achieving a fruity result with a Mediterranean character, balsamic freshness and a woody fruit flavor. all to one unbeatable price of 6,75 euros.
  • Mestizaje, a coupage of 5 varieties perfect for wine lovers. A solution in which, as it appears on its label, "predominantly ripe red and black fruit accompanied by toasted and roasted, memories of aromatic herbs, floral notes, lactic, spicy touches and mineral and limestone background”.
  • The Miracle by Mariscal. In the same way that its name denotes, it is a miraculous wine. With a lower alcohol content, 13º, it stands out for its woody touches. In the mouth it haswell marked and fleshy tannins that remind us of ripe plums, black olives and a long and persistent finish with red fruits”. Ensures the taster. While the nose strongly predominates the smell of red fruits.

  • Melior, stands out from the rest for its high quality. And although it has increased in recent years, its price has not stopped its sales. It is characterized by: "important fruity sensations, between touches of clean wood, with long and persistent finish"
  • Black Leg Passionate, “intense with aromas of roasted coffee, plums and black fruits”. Drink that Vicent Marco recommends to drink alone, before dinner, with spicy food or with smoked meats.

White Wine

  • Marina Alta, the cheapest wine on the list. At a price of 4,45 euros, Consum offers you a Muscatel of Alexandria. That is, one very aromatic and sweet grape. A “very fine, smooth wine that combines floral and fruity aromas”.
  • white protos. It has greenish tones aromas of apple and tropical fruits. Ideal for fish, snacks or to spend an afternoon on a terrace with your friends.
best consumer wines
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  • Domain of the Vega Authentique. A unique first-rate version in which nuances abound: hints of apple, citrus and dried fruit.
  • Juve I Camps Family Reserve, here we find the most expensive wine within the list of best wines of Consum. And it is that it is a copy that can perfectly be placed as serious champagne rival. Well, it is a fine wine, which experts define as: “white fruit such as pear and melon and citrus fruit such as grapefruit and lemon. It grows in complexity and hints of honey, dried fruit and some pastries appear”.

Life is short, yet it's long enough to being able to taste all the wines that Consum offers. If you prefer to play it safe, take note of the list of best Consum wines we have made. Of course with the help of Vincent Marco. Do you miss any? we read you