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Coca-Cola launches a new flavor with Rosalía.

The Coca-Cola company launches a new flavor of its frescoes together with the singer Rosalía. The new single by the Spanish artist, «LYLM» is inspired by this new flavor, «Coca-Cola Movement». Also, an online auction has been held to raise funds for the Antonio Gala Foundation.

Coca-Cola Movement is a limited edition flavor. This new creation recreates the personality of Rosalía, in addition the packaging has been designed by the artist herself. On the packaging, you can see in the form of drawings and colors, all the sensations that this new flavor provoked in Rosalía when she tried it for the first time. The company logo has also been modified to capture that moment of metamorphosis.

In Spain, this new flavor will be available in a thirty-three centiliter "Sleek" can format. It will only be available in the Zero Sugar version, since the Coca-Cola brand is committed to reducing the use of sugar in its beverages.

"Transformation is a very important form of self-expression for today's generations, and there is no more universal language for that transformation than music itself," says Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company. "Partnering with an artist like Rosalía, a true inspiration for her way of challenging established genres, to bring to life the new Coca-Cola Creations release has been quite a revolution for us and has opened new paths for us."


On January 27, Rosalía released her latest single "LLYLM". The artist assures that this collaboration has inspired her to release this song. It is the first time that an artist has created a song for Coca-Cola Creations. Columbia Records has been the record company in charge of launching the single.

Rosalía is very happy to collaborate with Coca Cola, she herself has stated it in recent statements after the release of the single: «I am very excited about the launch of this drink created jointly with Coca-Cola. I hope that everyone can enjoy this journey full of music, flavors and creation like I did. I've had a lot of fun creating LLYLM and I've really enjoyed this collaboration with Coca-Cola."

What does the Antonio Gala Foundation have to do with this new single?

The Coca-Cola Movement can has a QR code in its design. By scanning this code, fans access the Coca-Cola Creations Hub. On this portal, they will discover new digital experiences, for example access to content behind the scenes of the recording of Rosalía's single. There is also a personality test that based on people's answers you can customize your own 3D avatar. But that's not all, Rosalía's followers will also find various types of playlists depending on her mood.

Thanks to Rosalía, the Antonio Gala Foundation will be able to help many people. This organization was chosen by the artist, is based in Spain and grants residency grants to young creators. Fans will be able to bid on objects signed by Rosalía through an online auction on the web. Items that can be bid on are: a helmet, a tour outfit, and a poster.

It is not the first time that the Coca-Cola Movement has collaborated with other artists under the Coca-Cola Creations platform, as it did previously with Coca-Cola Intergalactic limited edition by DJ Marshmello. The company wants to continue with these collaborations as they are being successful.