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Organic food: in continuous growth

Consumption organic food or is on the rise. A clear example is in the city of Zurich. The city council of the Swiss city has approved that half of the food supply from hospitals or schools be ecological. We tell you all the details about this decision and the rise in consumption of these products.

The example of Zurich

Zurich has taken a step further in our way of eating. In a society in constant movement, our eating habits they are also changing. That is why the Swiss city has long been promoting a change in the way of eating. All this in order to promote healthy food and proximity.

The first decision it took was to require establishments to greater amount of local products, especially from the region in which the town is located. The next phase has been to force hospitals, schools and establishments to offer organic food. The new regulations approved by the town hall dictate that 50% of the supply must be organic.

organic food
A farmer poses with a box of his bio products. / Source: Newspaper QUE

The rise of organic food

The organic food, like the organic or ecological ones, are those that have not been artificially made nor have they been altered with chemicals. Consuming these products is a way of support the environment and promote sustainable agriculture and livestock. To find out if a food is organic, just check its labeling or ask the person in charge of the establishment where you buy it.

Consuming these products not only helps the environment, you also provide your bodies Multiple benefits. The use of fertilizers does not produce anything bad in your body, but it is true that it eliminates a significant amount of nutrients. Organic food offers the consumer to enjoy proximity product, so you are also helping the economy of your area of ​​residence.

One of the most widespread myths is that organic food they taste better than artificially treated. It's not XNUMX% proven, but everything indicates that it is real. Now that you know more about it, are you going to bet more on the proximity product?