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Do you dare with some bioprinted plant-based calluses?

Two companies from Navarra produce plant-based calluses with 3D bioprinting.

Stagnation of plant-based products.

According to the latest report published by Rabobank, the plant-based products industry is in a new phase in which it will have to adjust its forecasts due to the stagnation of the last year. The report offers a vision of the evolution of this sector and anticipates some relevant trends.

Barcelona, ​​the Spanish city that is most interested in...

According to an analysis carried out, Barcelona is the city in Spain in which vegan food generates the most interest.

Plant-based and cell-based. What are they?

Discover what plant-based and cell-based products are and where a part of the food of the future is going.

Plant Based: Endangered by War?

Every day more people join the Plant Based type diet. However, the current conflict between Russia and...

Tree oysters: Innovation Award

Tree oysters? It sounds very, very strange right? The truth is that yes, we will not deny it. But, we're going to...

Chicken-free burritos, the latest in plant-based foods

The Spanish company Green&Great presents its new product, burritos without chicken, which adds to a diverse catalog of vegetable foods.

NeWind Foods, pioneer Spanish vegetable bet

The concern for the animals and for the maintenance of the line are becoming two maxims in the lives of many people....

Vegetable burgers, confirmed

The European Union has accepted that products made without meat can be called vegetable burgers. How is this law in the United States?

Are plant based foods healthy?

As the market for processed plant-based foods continues to grow, we take a look at whether plant-based products are healthy.