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Plant Based: Endangered by War?

Every day more people join the Plant Based type diet. However, the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has curbed accessibility to the main products that make up this diet. Here we tell you.

a supply problem

The first thing is to know what we are talking about. A diet plant-based It is oriented to consume foods that come from sources vegetables In its great majority. The aim is to reduce the number of meat and animal foods to the minimum possible, but they do not have to be completely excluded from our menu.

The goal of this diet is to give you a greater importance to natural foods and fresh, avoiding well products processed y manufactured. It also aims to reduce or eliminate the consumption of frozen and precooked foods.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables | Gastronomic Information

But what does the situation affect? Ukraine to this diet? Well, it turns out that this country is the world's leading exporter of sunflower oil, which is essential in the vast majority of dishes that seek to become an alternative to meat.

Un 59% of European companies believe that the increased price of ingredients and energy will cause a increase in price of the end product. They also highlight the need to receive government aid in order to soften the costs of the Russian invasion.

Peace flag with the colors of Ukraine
Peace flag with colors of Ukraine | Source: Pixabay

The Plant Based and its benefits

This type of diet has a number of benefits that not only help our health, but also affect the state of our planet and ecosystems. This is because the reduction in animal consumption also decreases its demand, so farms would reduce pollution they generate and deforestation would be avoided to create corrals and fences.

For people, benefits they are also very interesting. To begin with, mortality would be reduced at a general level, reducing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as cholesterol. On the contrary, the longevity and fertility would be greatly increased.

Plant Based offers multiple benefits for your health
Plant Based offers multiple benefits for your health | Source: Pixabay

It also helps the prevention diseases such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes, among others. Another benefit is the increase in vitamins and minerals that our body will receive.

What do we have to know?

The Plant Based, like any other diet, requires being balanced and combine cereals and other farinaceous foods such as bread, potatoes or pasta with legumes. Normally it is not necessary to complement this model of feeding with other natural supplements, since in this way we would obtain the necessary nutrients. However, certain components must be added to our diet to complete it.

The most obvious is the Vitamin B12, necessary for the ceration of red blood cells in our blood. Their lack would make us tired, numbness in the extremities and even memory loss. The problem is that it is obtained by consuming meat, eggs and milk, so depending on how we have organized our diet, we will have to look for a alternative to obtain it.

Shelf of Plant Based products and supplements in a supermarket
Shelf of Plant Based Products and Supplements in a Supermarket | Source: DreamsTime

Another big problem, which starts from the same base, is obtaining proteins, because these help us build and repair muscles. It also creates hormones and enzymes, which is why 1 gram of protein per kilo of weight is recommended for non-athletic people. The good thing is that the meat It's not necesary to obtain them, so we can obtain them from nuts, cereals, legumes...

The last component that we may need when following a diet plant-based is Iron. Its obtainment in plants is less than in animals, that is why we must control the amount we eat to avoid risks such as anemia. A good source of iron is lentils, spinach or grapes.

Where does the fame of Plant Based come from?

Although the term has been used for years, today we have known it thanks to the repercussion that has been generated thanks to several celebrities e influencers, and especially the proliferation of social media as broadcast spaces.

Broadcast social networks
Broadcast social networks | pixabay

It has also had a lot to do with advances in science and nutrition, because these elements allow that there is no extreme risk when starting a new eating habit such as a diet.

However, these channels only serve to publicize the existence of these routines. In case we consider starting one of them, it is best to stay away from social networks and consult a expert to find out how we should implement it according to our own body.

What do you think? Did you know this type of diet?