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Do you dare with some bioprinted plant-based calluses?

Proposals for plant-based products are increasing, now a company from Navarre has managed to make some tripe with bioprinting technology. The question is, do you dare with printed calluses? In other words, calluses of vegetable origin that have also been printed to keep the same shape and texture. So lovers of traditional dishes and who want to innovate here have one of the best options and they no longer have an excuse.

The project to produce these tripe has been carried out by two companies from Navarra. These are Foodys and Coccus who are experts in 3D bioprinting. It has been possible to taste this San Fermin in a traditional "lunch" of these festivals in Navarra. According to the CEO of Foodys, Gonzalo Agorreta, “We are a high-performance R&D team. We have always sought to get out of the established with complicated and differentiating objectives. We know that to solve current food problems we have to think big. With exercises like this, we can continue innovating and perfecting our industrial processes”.

Plant-based calluses show the possibilities of bioprinting in food

For his part, the CEO of Coccus Patxi Larumbe has commented. “We are facing a technology that will forever change the way of producing healthy, tasty, wholesome and sustainable food on an industrial scale. With this project, we have shown the world that we can produce a more sustainable and nutritious vegan tripe analogue. The possibilities offered by this technology are endless.”

The two companies involved do not intend for the tripe to be produced at an industrial level at the moment. What if they have shown that a new path is opening up in food. A path that places Navarra as a leader not only in the production of vegetables in the traditional way but also in food production plant based with bioprinting.