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Egg: how healthy is it?

This October we celebrate the world egg day. A day in which everything that provides us this food in our diet. But, is it as healthy an ingredient as they want us to believe? We analyze it and detail it below.


A day to praise the egg

Nowadays, every day of the year something is celebrated: ham day, croquettes, happiness... and also the day of egg. The second Friday of each month is the date chosen for extol all the virtues of this food. This type of anniversary is used to give visibility, honor or promote any product, sentiment or place. Some experts think that they are not necessary, but to celebrate it that it does not remain.

This festivity around this product was proclaimed in the year 1996 awarded by the Egg Commission. They did it in order to make everyone aware of all the benefits that this food causes in humans and how it can contribute to the sustaining world food. And it is that, for many legends that still haunt this product, the members of the commission show off it.

Chicken eggs are one of the most consumed foods in Spain. / Source: Pixabay

Curiosities of a widely consumed food

El egg It is a product full of curiosities unknown to the vast majority of consumers. Although the most appreciated are those of chicken, there are other varieties that excite to lovers of this product: quail, goose, ostrich... According to Poultry, in Spain around 240 eggs per person per year, a figure that has increased by 14,7% due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When going to buy this food we can find two different types: white and orange. But very few people know that there are some blue. How is it possible? According to several studies, five centuries ago, a virus infected a species of South American chickens. This infestation produced a genetic mutation that caused a pigment buildup biliverdin, which is what causes this animal to produce this blue product.

Egg-laying hen. / Source: Pixabay

The benefits of eating eggs

El egg It is one of the most nutritious foods that exists in our gastronomy. A single unit of this product provides us with six grams of protein and up to fourteen different nutrients. Among these are vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as being a source of calcium, iodine and selenium. And although it is little known, it also provides us with a large amount of choline. This nutrient participates in the favorable brain development.

It has always been said that eggs cause cardiovascular diseases due to their cholesterol levels, but reality is different. And it is that they contain an important source of HDL, that is, the good cholesterol. The yolk also contains powerful antioxidants that counteract some degenerative processes that occur in our body, especially in vital organs.

The boiled egg is one of the allied foods of athletes and diets. / Source: Pixabay

Debunking the most widespread myths

Everything that surrounds the consumption of this product is wrapped in a halo of myths and legends. And it is that throughout the centuries, from the question of which was before, if the egg or the chicken, this food remains controversial. Answering the great enigma, it was before the chicken, since it is an evolution of another animal that occurred thousands and thousands of years ago. but they exist other questions with easy answer.

The most widespread myth is that it is a caloric food, not suitable for people on a weight loss diet. It is true that fried eggs are caloric, but due to the oil used in the preparation. But in the rest of the elaborations they have very few caloriess. Therefore, if we want to lose weight, we must not discard this ingredient. In tortilla, scrambled or cooked they have very interesting properties.

Another doubt about the egg It is if you have to keep it in the fridge despite the fact that in supermarkets they have them at room temperature. This is because this product is sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, if they were refrigerated in stores, on the way home and their subsequent introduction into the refrigerator would cause an abrupt change. Still at home you have to keep them cool. A product that deserves a day and many more, right?