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Are wineries afraid to sell online?

  The wine sector is reluctant to digitalization. As stated in a study carried out with the aim of seeing the impulse of...

Underwater wineries, the secrets of the seabed

The underwater cellars are able to bring out the best characteristics and flavors of the wines. In addition, they will offer you an experience worth mentioning.

What is a natural wine like?

The question of what a natural wine is like strongly assails all lovers of good broth. The problem is, you don't have a concrete answer yet.

Ribera del Júcar wines, history and variety

Ribera del Júcar wines are of incredible quality. Its great variety will allow you to choose your favorite and enjoy a spectacular broth.

Txakoli wine: the Basque symbol with worldwide recognition

Txakoli wine is one of those products that characterize Basque gastronomy and that, over the years, has acquired unprecedented popularity.

Stone barrels, sustainable aging

Three years ago the Galician company Ànforum Barricas de Piedra revolutionized the wine sector. We tell you why its use is present and future.

Green roof in vineyards: antiplagas

Do you know the benefits of vegetation cover in vineyards? This creates a symbiotic relationship between the vineyard and local insects. The wine revolution.

Ceramic wine, advantages of your return

Although this practice was never abandoned, ceramic wine making is gaining strength. With this, different products and markets are achieved.

DataWine, IoT solution for wineries

The Internet of Things also reaches the wine world with a DataWine technological application to monitor data. We tell you more here.

Bandarra al fresco: the end of gin and tonic?

Bandarra al fresco is the drink that aims to dethrone the gin and tonic. This has been designed to drink in a large glass, with ice,...