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Bangalore: eat in India without leaving Madrid

The restaurant Bangalore Modern Indian Cuisine is one of those establishments that you have to go to once in a lifetime. An Indian who mixes tradition and cosmopolitanism in the heart of Madrid. Don't you know him? Well, calm down, now we will tell you everything about this place.

A stylish restaurant

Come into Bangalore It's like entering another world. Located at number 63 of Diego de León street in Madrid, in the heart of the Salamanca district, this restaurant opened in 2017. It may seem little, but it is a lot. In just five years it can go from being the fashionable restaurant to being one of the gastronomic offer of the capital. And it is that in a city with so much offer you have to be on the lookout and try not to relax.

This is not the case, the people in charge of this restaurant are still at the foot of the canyon, offering quality at reasonable prices. in a very attractive environment. Its setting, full of plants, geometric games, lights and golden tones, are the work of the interior studio Madrid in Love. The creators had in mind to combine a style that combined the Hindu tradition and an environment that enhance the dishes that are offered In the local.

Bangalore Terrace. / Source: Bangalore Modern Indian Cuisine (Facebook)

Some dishes with the flavor of India

The letter from Bangalore It is a real trip to India. Some plates loaded with flavor and showy. The samosas are their preparation most demanded by customers. Made with vegetables, lamb or chicken, and drizzled with various sauces, they are macerated with a combination of yogurt, ginger, garlic and, of course, spices. no doubt a very delicious snack full of taste

But this restaurant lives not only on samosas. Their letter is extensive. You can't leave without trying the Chicken Tikka Masala, with rice and spices, and the Peshwary Naan, the famous bread with dried fruits. And coming to the desserts, there are no more famous elaborations than the milkshake Lassi of Mango, or the gulab jam, some balls of fried milk that they will remind us of the traditional sweet of our gastronomy.

Traditional samosas, one of Bangalore's star dishes. / Source: Bangalore Modern Indian Cuisine (Facebook)

Bangalore, the city of industry and science

Although they could have chosen another name, those responsible for the Bangalore they chose this name in honor of the fourth most populous Indian city in the country. A city that has left behind the bulk of Hindu culture and tradition to embrace western customs. The capital of the State of Karnataka currently holds the honor of being the epicenter of the country's heavy industry and technology, very similar to the American Silicon Valley.

Despite the fact that the country's gastronomy is still the most important offer, it is true that there are innumerable establishments focused on western and eastern culture. Street vendor stalls are very popular. In them you can find infusions, Chinese food or hot dog type food. But what abounds most are the restaurants udupi, a typical gastronomy of the region in which vegetables and cereals abound.

Different types of spices, the basis of Indian cuisine. / Source: Pixabay

Indian gastronomy, that great unknown

Indian gastronomy has always been present in our lives, but it is still the great unknown. And it is that in such a vast country, there are multiple culinary varieties, unable to reach all on our part. Even so, the basis of all of them is the use of spices in the vast majority of preparations. Some condiments that will cost you a stomach ache if you consume them for the first time or in excess.

Because of the various colonizing processes carried out over several centuries by the Western powers different practices were incorporated culinary. The most famous dish that we can highlight is the curry. Although in our culture we associate this name with a canned spice with which we season some dishes, the reality is that This is the name given to all the dishes., whether stews or stews, made with this mixture of countless ingredients.

The restaurant Bangalore brings us a piece of its varied gastronomy to Madrid. A trip to the Indian country without leaving Spain. An establishment with affordable prices from which you will not be disappointed. Sounds good right?