Underwater wineries, the secrets of the seabed

Wine is one of the clearest hallmarks of the country. The national wines are distributed around the world and their quality does not go unnoticed by anyone. This is so, to a large extent, because of its manufacturing methods. But, beyond the traditional places, surely you did not know the underwater cellars, a perfect area for the development of the best wines. And it is that, the sea is an excellent medium for the aging. In addition, as if this were not enough, this type of winery does not harm the environment at all. Do you dare to visit any of them? Take a breath!

Benefits of underwater cellars

There are several conditions offered by the sea for wines to be preserved in perfect conditions. The clearest are the temperature and water pressure, because the two are relatively constant. On the other hand, the movement of the sea and salinity along with the no light and noise they make the wines have characteristics that traditional wineries could not acquire. And it is that, the sea provides less oxygen presence, so it does not damage the bottles at all. Although, the fact that there is less density should affect the wines, but it has not yet been discovered how.

The union of all these factors so positive it makes the broth evolve slowly and offer secondary and tertiary aromas. That, oddly enough, they predominate over the primary ones. In this way, they are created fresh and young wines with a perfect touch of salinity. It should be noted that they have intense flavors and different notes, which will be smoother and rounder. Always with greater chromatic and aromatic intensity.

Underwater wineries

Underwater wineries / Source: markoneill.es

Origin of the underwater cellars

The great idea of underwater cellars It comes from the ancient discoveries of sunken ships. Which hid hidden treasures inside. Therefore, when finding these boats, all full of everyday objects, they found with them underwater wines protected from noise many meters from the surface. As a curious fact, in 2010 bottles of XNUMXth century champagne in the hold of one of these sunken ships. It was auctioned for € 48.000.

During the last few years, the one known as "Underwater hoarding"In other words, the discovery of bottles of wine at the bottom of the sea and their subsequent acquisition has grown a lot. Revolutionizing the world of oenology. Therefore, in Spain more and more underwater cellars. Here are two that hide some of the best national wines.

Crusoe Treasure

This is the first underwater cellar of the world and is located in the Vizcaya coast. Specifically, at the bottom of the Bay of Plentzia, at a depth of 18 meters. But, best of all, you can pay a visit yourself, if you dare, of course. It starts with a Boat tour around, while you discover all the secrets of the beginning of the project that, according to its own director, Borja Saracho, was born almost as a experiment. Although, this attempt happened to be a reality.

Today they make their own wines and put them on the seabed in a kind of cages, where they spend between a year and 15 months. You should know that, thanks to the swell, the changes in underwater pressure and the tides, the aroma, flavor and texture Of the wine. After this visit, you will be able to try one of his creations, the red wine Sea Soul number 4. Its color and its silky flavor will surely catch your attention, which only evolves over time.

Underwater wineries

Underwater wineries. Source: sabedigital.com (pinterest.com)

Underwater Cavas

This winery offers you the first experience in wine diving of Europe. He was born from the hand of wineries Casanueva Vineyard of Chile, in collaboration with professional diving experts. If you want to make a visit, you should know that it is located in Cala Llevadó, Tossa de Mar, in the province of Girona. You will be able to enjoy an incredible opportunity to experience incredible sensations with the union of diving, oenology and gastronomy. The wines Underwater Cavas They have a very deep personality, different and very special character.

It is very important to note that your mixture of strains they give it very characteristic flavors and with a different touch from its competitors. One fact to keep in mind, while curious, is that there are several legends about its implementation and its preferences for the God neptune. Therefore, if you decide to enjoy these magnificent wines, you will find more than a simple bottle of wine raised in the depths of the sea.

Would you dare to pay a visit to any of these underwater cellars? It is a unique experience that will allow you to experience a special sensation in the depths of the sea and enjoy the best cared wines in the world.

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