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Why is Fijian water so expensive?

Fiji water is very expensive. Why? It is the second most export the island country. You are probably wondering who needs to buy water from a country in the middle of the Pacifico taking yours. This is the controversial bottled water business that drinkers Celebrity. Why is the purest water in the world so special?

Where does Fijian water come from to be so expensive?

You may not even know the names of these islands: Fiji. You may have heard it in Stray Travelers o Lost. Well they are in the middle of the ocean 600 km from the nearest continent. This is also one of the reasons that explains his purity. Part of this is due to isolation. For this reason, it is far from pockets of polluted air that pollute the rain.

500ml bottle of Fiji water
500ml bottle of Fiji water. Source: @FIJIWater on Twitter

This rain falls on the island of Viti levu, the largest in the republic. Specifically about the yaqara valley. Volcanic rock causes the few impurities it contains to remain on the surface. For this reason, a water rich in silicon (85%) and without impurities. To package it, an aquifer is drilled in such a way that no human hand touches it. Does it since 1996.

It may seem curious to us that water is the second product with which it earns the most money exporting. In 2018 the value of water exports was more than 125.000 million.

Photograph of a freighter
Photograph of a freighter. Source: Pixabay

How does it come and what ecological footprint does it leave?

El Fiji water travel in ship. Its main clients are U.S.. For this reason the bottles cross the Panama Canal to reach the east coast. It involves a colossal waste of energy and a gigantic emission of harmful gases. The company defends itself by recalling that in 2008 the first bottling company was declared carbon neutral.

However, the engineer in sustainability Pablo Päster estimated the enormous impact of production and transportation. Calculate that a bottle consumes 81 grams of fossil fuel and 720 liters of water.

Landscape in Fiji
Landscape in Fiji. Source: @boutiquehotelss on Twitter

But what is special about it?

El flavor It is not. What's more, we've tested it and it doesn't stand out at all. Tastes like water, plain and simple. Part of its success comes from the promotion of celebrities drinking it. Thus, consumers experience the sensation of drinking a product lujoso y healthy.

The main characters of Friends y The Sopranos they drink it on screen. Others have also been seen in their daily life as Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria o Donald Trump. That is why they offer it at events of American high society. They drink it as if it were glasses of champagne.

Fiji water model
Model Kelleh Cuthbert with the Fiji water bottles. Source: @dudewithopinion on Twitter

A striking case of the event was the 2019 Golden Globes. In them the cameras focused on the model Kelleh Cuthbert. This one, dressed in blue, offered bottles to the actors who attended. The company used its image to make advertising without your consent and she sued it. Fiji Water occupies the place it once occupied Evian. This bottles water from the French Alps and before it was the one with the most cache. 

There are people who highlight assumptions benefits for skin and hair. In fact it is used in spas. They use it specifically for manicures, pedicures y hair treatments. The brand claims that it relieves fatigue, headache and helps with digestion. In addition, they maintain that it preserves the skin and strengthens the immune system. However, there are no studies to support the alleged benefits.

Trump drinking water from Fiji
Trump drinking water from Fiji. Source: @wyatt_privilege on Twitter

Where to find it

En United States it's easy to find in any string of supermarkets o pharmacies. Walmart, Wallgreens o CVS are examples. In contrast, in Spain the opposite occurs. You can only buy it in stores good gourmet food along with the rest of the faces delicatessen. Its price in store does not fall below $3 the bottle of 500ml in Spain. You can also buy it at Amazon at the price you see below. That awful!

Why the water of Fiji it is so expensive in the restaurants as well ? They are very exclusive places. Some who serve it are the Poblet (two Michelin stars) in Denia, The black de Anglo en Madrid o The Lady de Barcelona. In Spain it has probably not had a pull, due to the high quality of the water in many places. For this reason, Spaniards tend to avoid bottled water if they can. For this reason, it is unlikely that this brand will become popular even within high society.