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Cheap and expensive supermarkets around the OCU

When making the purchase, the price comparison is essential to save as much as possible between cheap and expensive supermarkets from the city. Above all, when there is the possibility of going to one or the other based on this economic parameter. Therefore, in a recent annual study, the Organization of consumers and users (OCU) has identified the chains that offer the best prices compared to others. In total, they have been analyzed 1.225 stores, while an expense variation of € 207 to € 3.000 according to the community where it is bought. Learn more detailed information about all this here.

What are cheap and expensive supermarkets?

La OCU has spoken with numbers and conclusions, based on the following analysis data: 184.126 prices en 1.225 supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores in 65 cities. Thus, it has been possible to confirm that the establishment with Best offer price is a To field from Coia (Vigo). On the other hand, the points of sale under the surnames Sánchez Romero (in Madrid and Alcobendas) they have the highest numbers. These data are at the national level, going from one extreme to the other, but a string index that allows to identify the prices of any of them.

Therefore, in general, together with the aforementioned French brand (Auchan) adds super as the other cheapest national chain. To the other side, Suma, Ulabox and Sorli Discau they are among the most expensive. But apart from cheap and expensive supermarkets, you have to take a look at the city. There where the purchase is usually made, since the variations are important. In 2019, an excellent average for the most savers goes through Almería, Ciudad Real, Zamora, Vigo, Puertollano, Palencia and Jerez de la Frontera. Instead, both Barcelona as Palma de Mallorca they are the cities where you have to scratch your pocket more.

Regarding communities, Galicia and Murcia are the cheapest, while Catalonia and the Balearic Islands They are at the other extreme, something that is not surprising either. But going into everyday matters, what is the average savings as chosen between these cheap and expensive supermarkets in the city? Well, starting from the fact that this point has increased a 12,3 % compared to last year, currently the average is in 1.063 €. Because going to one or another establishment has that advantage.

cheap and expensive supermarkets

And in products? Price evolution

Leaving aside the cheap and expensive supermarkets, as well as the cities where you can spend more or less, it should be noted from the report of the OCU the evolution of product prices. Have been analyzed 244 in total, with a slight predominance of Climbs (55%) over Downs (Four. Five %). Thus, the onions, The potatoes and Rabbit meat has experienced an increase. While, zucchini, strawberries y soft olive oil have moved down in PVP.