Es sweet, tasty and one of the options that most Spaniards resort to to have a rich breakfast. However, you have to be careful and choose the healthiest jam on the market. Many of these foods contain a high amount of sugar, plus additives and stabilizers. Therefore, although it may seem like a product healthy Also because it contains fruit, it is not recommended to consume it daily. At least, if you are not sure what its components are. Today, there is a wide variety of alternatives from which to choose the best ones. Here we present them together with other information about it that you should know. 

Jams pass for healthy

Despite being one of the most common ingredients for breakfast, spreading a small amount in two or three slices of bread or toast, if you don't eat the healthiest jam on the market, attention. Above all, because of the amount of sugar that any of these products usually contain. The World Health Organization has already warned (WHO), as you can ingest more than recommended each morning. Due to the fruit nutrients with which it is made and its external appearance, it is very easy to go through a healthy food.

La European Union law establishes that the marmalades that are sold must contain a minimum fruit percentage of 35%, generally. This must be respected except in the cases of some red fruits or quince, in which the figure is lowered to 25%. However, some producers go even beyond these levels and bet on incorporating a greater amount of said ingredient, naming the food afterwards as extra quality.

This is how the rules are at the European level, although in Spain the measure is stricter: 50% fruit to be able to name the product with that superior quality. But not everything is based on this component, as another interesting nutritional feature is its low fat content. Each 100 grams contains only 280 kilocalories. So why are we talking here about the healthiest jam on the market? Pay attention to the following paragraphs!


Apricot jam

Don Ramiro offers the healthiest jam on the market

Additives, stabilizers and especially sugars. This is what the jams that you can find in any supermarket also usually carry. Worst? That the percentage of sugar ranges from 45 and 65%, so it takes a lot of weight off the other beneficial nutrients already mentioned. This fact, mainly, motivates you to look for the healthiest jam on the market, which is what the company sells Don Ramiro. Or you can choose to substitute this product in your breakfast or snack for pieces of Natural fruits, which provide you with vitamins and fibers. Perhaps the best option is to alternate both proposals throughout the week. Variety and quality.

Just what it offers you Don Ramiro, a production company in the town of Mieres (Asturias). Their artisan jams They are well known for their taste and quality. But they also have a range for diabetics or people concerned about their consumption of glucose or the other artificial elements that are added to this product when it is not handmade. Apple with cinnamon and kiwi, strawberry, plum, blueberry, pear and peach.

the healthiest jam on the market

Strawberry jam on a slice of bread

Those last ones are No sweeteners, no colorants, no preservatives, no gluten. All these flavors mentioned are part of the catalog of the healthiest jam on the market current. They always use 100% natural raw materials. Also, their products are delicious.

Hero's Low Sugar Diet

Apart from the options described, another brand that is highly recognized and appreciated by the consumer of this type of food is Hero, a production company based in Sewer (Murcia). From its very varied catalog in flavors there is a range that stands out especially. A) Yes, the healthiest jam on the market could also be the Low sugar diet of said Murcian brand.

We are referring to one of the best-selling products in this category. You can find it in many supermarkets, although a clarification should be made: it is 0% added sugars. Therefore, what it does contain is the glucose from the fruit itself, in addition to the sweeteners, since it is an industrial jam.

That said, between the two brands, the healthiest jam on the market is any of the ones that sells Don Ramiro, because the quality of artisanal and sugar-free is key to continue enjoying a healthy breakfast. With which you stay? What is your favorite flavor?

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