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Cruzcampo craft beer: taste of Malaga

With one of the most popular fruits grown in the region of the Axarquía Malaga is born the new Cruzcampo craft beer with mango flavor. An original recipe from the Sevillian company for beer lovers to enjoy on their palate one of the products framed in Taste to Malaga. Style IPA session, this innovative drink has been made by master brewers from the factory that the firm has in the Malaga neighborhood of Soho. Below we will tell you everything about this interesting bet with said seasonal fruit.

'Microbrewery' and innovation in Malaga

As a reference space within the beer group owned by Heineken is the Cruzcampo factory in Malaga capital. Young experts and passionate about beer research with great creative spirit how to incorporate new ingredients or processes to achieve artisan recipes and originals. Thus was born the last, from the hand of Juan Navarro and Jorge Varela, the two architects of the limited edition with handles. “We wanted to continue exploring with local and seasonal raw materials, while at the same time contributing our particular tribute to the farmers of the province who have turned Málaga into a powerhouse in mango production ”, argue both creators.

In addition to the new craft beer Cruzcampo Session IPAIn the Malaga 'microbrewery' you can taste another great variety of bottles depending on the time of year. Among them, the Malagueta, which pays tribute to the most famous beach in the city. There are also that of Wheat, Strong Ale, Session or the IPA. But tasting is just one of the proposals offered at their facilities, where they organize various plans and experiences. Thus, art, gastronomy and music usually join in some events where they drink Cruzcampo. 

mango brewmasters
Brewery facilities and workers / Photo: Cruzcampo

«Contact with people is essential to have a feedback direct from our creations and an opportunity to capture , the trends, tastes and preferences of the people. This neighborhood, in addition, is pure creativity ", he assures Varela. The Malaga factory It has a total of 1.100 square meters, of which 800 are used for the hotel industry and 300 for beer production. Its capacity is greater than 500 people.

This is the craft beer Cruzcampo Session IPA with Mangos

With rye malt and a flavor combined between notes of caramel, fruit, citrus and even the pinnaceas both from the hops and from the own mangoes, this new beer is a real delight. Its body is light, its bitterness of medium high level and its color, dark reddish amber. Until the end of stocks you can taste the craft beer Cruzcampo Session IPA with the native fruit of the Axarquia. Already in its bottle it represents a very fruity design, with the characteristic orange or yellowish colors of the mango, after the typical logo of the beer brand.

Mango cultivation in Malaga

Although it has its origin in the Southeast Asia, mango It is a fruit spread with great success in the region of the Axarquía Malaga, since it arrived in the 80's. With about 4000 hectares cultivation, one of the largest areas of mangoes in our country it is in that region. It is only surpassed by Granada's Tropical Coast. In this context, each year the production of this product is among the 10000-30000 tons in the Malaga countryside. Its enormous performance is even higher than that of the avocado, another fruit perfectly introduced.

Cruzcampo craft beer
Malaga mangoes / Photo: Cruzcampo

Another interesting fact that demonstrates the capacity of cultivation in this Andalusian territory states that for each hectare there can be up to a thousand mango trees. The one of which there are numerous varieties: Osteen, Kent, Keith, Sensation and Tohmmy Atkins. The first mentioned, of course, is the most frequent in the Axarquía, monopolizing up to 80% of the total cultivated area. Each variety differs from each other by the color of the green, yellow or even reddish peel. In the pulp, it is usually always yellow with shades of transition to orange.

As to taste, offers special sweetness, full of aromatic nuances, something that makes the mango malagueño in a highly demanded fruit both inside and outside Spain. Its most relevant properties arise from its high content of fiber and vitamin C. Therefore, if you want to try all the contribution it has in the form of Cruzcampo craft beer, this possibility already exists. Enjoy a creative recipe Taste to Malaga!