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Dolça Sour: the most innovative beer?

The winner of the Molina for Brewing award at the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2022 is very special. She is called Dolça Sour and she captivated the attendees...

Edible mushrooms throughout the year in Catalonia

The mushroom industry in Catalonia has innovated in the production of mushrooms. They have marked a new milestone by diversifying the variety of...

What will the food of the future be like?

The report on the food of the future, Fooduristic 22, has already been released. It shows great concern about the future of...

PrimaDonna Soul Super Automatic Coffee Maker: Why Choose It?

Discover the advantages offered by the De'Longhi PrimaDonna Soul super-automatic coffee machine to obtain unique coffees thanks to its technology and design.

Printed meat, a reality that is revolutionizing the food sector

Technology advances at breakneck speed. Now the time has come for 3D printed meat, with an appearance and taste very similar to traditional meat.

Apple Jack Daniel's, the drink that has come to revolutionize the...

Jack Daniel's Apple is a drink that mixes the traditional Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey with a fresh and sweet green apple flavor.

Home delivery drone, food flying!

The arrival of the home delivery drone is going to cause a revolution in the food sector. There are doubts but it will be an effective method.

Zutec fruit juice, innovate in capsules

Zutec fruit juice, created by the Valencian company with the same name, is a revolutionary launch that changes the consumption of these drinks.

Novameat, the food of the future?

Companies like Novameat, whose main objective is to offer a sustainable product using technology, are an example of a promising future.

Jamón del Mar, reinventing Almadraba tuna

Ángel León has presented his latest milestone in Madrid Fusión with ham from the sea, which, surprisingly, is not made with pork. Be amazed!