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Food alert in Malaga due to devastating bacteria

Food alert in different locations in Malaga! The Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has warned of the presence of listeria in...

Ajoblanco malagueño, two thousand years of tradition

The ajoblanco from Malaga is in that province what the salmorejo is in Córdoba. Without a doubt, a legendary dish... with more than two...

Victoria beer, the beer that marks the way to Spain

For this European Championship 2021, the Spanish team has 'signed' the Malaga brand so that with Victoria beer the success of La Roja arrives

Cruzcampo Grape Beer, it looks like wine but… it's beer!

Cruzcampo Grape Beer is the new bet of the Andalusian brewery. Its resemblance to wine gives it very special characteristics. Discover everything here!

The most expensive bread in the world, what a relic!

Decorated with exclusive and precious ingredients, the most expensive bread in the world exists and is made in a Malaga bakery. Discover it here!

Gastroacuaponía: innovation from sustainability

Diego Gallegos is committed to gastroaquaponics, a river fish production model that ensures its quality and its commitment to the environment.

Raisins from Malaga, the taste of "sunshine"

Born from a particular traditional process with the protagonism of the sun and the relief, Malaga raisins with DO are unique. Discover them here

Mollete de Antequera, a curious bread with PGI

A very particular type among breads has just obtained its Protected Geographical Indication. We tell you what the Antequera muffin is like.
eat sardines good and bad cholesterol

Good year to eat sardines, why?

With the high temperatures and the proliferation of phytoplankton in the sea, the time for this little delicacy arrives. Discover the benefits of eating sardines.

Cruzcampo craft beer: taste of Malaga

A completely innovative recipe has arrived at the Sevillian company with the new Cruzcampo Session IPA craft beer with mangoes from Malaga.