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Four distribution chains concentrate half of the sales

The four main distribution chains in Spain concentrate 45,7% of sales, approaching almost half of the purchases made by Spanish families. In this way, Mercadona, Carrefour, Lidl and Dia monopolize the large Spanish consumption.

The case of Mercadona stands out in an important way, consolidating first place and reaching 25,6% of sales. In addition, the chain of the businessman Juan Roig can presume that nine out of ten Spaniards have visited Mercadona at some time during the past year 2022. Although during the past year its growth has no longer been so high, Mercadona has managed to add a 0,7% market share compared to 2021.

It is followed at a distance by the French chain Carrefour, which achieved a 9,7% market share, also increasing by 0,7% compared to the previous year. In third position, Lidl reached 5,8% and with significant growth of 0,5%. In fourth position we find Dia which, despite having 4,6% of the market, has suffered a decline of 0,2% of the share.

On the other hand, the report carried out by the consultancy Kantar The growth of regional distribution chains, which account for 16,7% of the market, stands out.


The power of distribution chains

All this confirms the great economic power that the Spanish give to these few distribution companies. The main reasons are the price, which in a context of high inflation becomes very relevant and the search for promotions and offers is more frequent.

In this way the smaller, more frequent and more rational purchases are an example of the importance of the economic context. Also the increase in the purchase of white brands that continue to increase by 3,1% in 2022 and reach 41% of purchases made. Good management of fresh produce is another important reason why mass distribution increases sales.