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Real Conservera Española, guaranteed with quality seals

cockles al natural real can Spanish canning
This Galician company offers you top-class cans of fish and shellfish. Find out why you should choose Real Conservera Española preserves.

The best croquettes in Mercadona, delicious!

A large assortment of recipes for this typical food of Spanish cuisine is part of the best Mercadona croquettes, with the latest news.

Insects in Europe ... not convincing

Recent data reveals that insects in Europe have very few fans to take them as a substitute for red meat. Here we tell you more.

Mercadona's new vegetable drink, is it worth it?

The chain increases the variety of this product category with a new vegetable drink from Mercadona that we analyze in detail here.

Pate La Piara, the secret under its black lid

This famous Spanish brand that has accumulated so much success with its La Piara pâté offers you an incomparable product whose origin and quality are key.

Rotten but edible apples: how?

Thanks to fungal fermentation, there are haute cuisine examples of rotten apples that can be safely enjoyed. We explain why.

Viña Esmeralda and some magical postcard wines

The limited edition of the prestigious Bodega Familia Torres winks at the most spectacular Mediterranean sky with Viña Esmeralda and its design.

Fries from Mercadona, why do they like them?

With its two latest additions, chicken-lemon and chili-lime flavors, Mercadona's chips attract the most innovative. Find out why.

The canned liquid, the definitive lesson!

Although it is common to waste the liquid from the preserves because it is considered bad or unnecessary, the reality is quite different. Find out why.

Mercadona Tahini Sauce, how to use it?

It has been in many supermarkets for months but there are still people who do not know what Mercadona's tahini sauce is and how to consume this oriental rarity.