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Fries from Mercadona, why do they like them?

The world of snacks or appetizers, normally Fried, is so wide that there is never a lack of options to choose something different and try new experiences. Thus, you can find all kinds of flavors in bags aimed at audiences that remain in the most traditional or who dare to amazing recipes. From this second line there is a supermarket that always seeks to captivate the customer through innovative proposals. Thus, the new ones have already been with us for a couple of months Mercadona crisps chicken-lemon flavor, on the one hand, and chili-lime, for another. What is the reason that these innovative alternatives triumph among consumers?

Reinventing fried snacks

This type of recipes that pretend draw attention of the buyer, inviting him to try something groundbreaking with the most classic is not something new. The Valencian chain has already surprised on previous occasions with some fries from Mercadona suitable for the most daring. Those who knew how to fried egg, that are still available just in case you haven't tasted them yet. Of course, we anticipate its flavor is strong and that it will be better for you not to eat too much at once because it is a forceful delicacy.

new fries from Mercadona
Cured cheese flavor French fries / Photo: @novedadesmercadona

Later, less time ago, the potatoes with cured cheese flavor. An ideal option for those cheese lovers because the flavor is quite successful, somewhat milder than in the case of the previous ones. A perfect snack to snack between meals or take as an aperitif before meals, from time to time. To give you a whim These types of snacks are not bad at all, which we recommend consuming in moderation.

Now the last great reinvention of Juan Roig are, not one, but two distinct bags of fries from Mercadona, which are succeeding in sales. After tasting them, we have to say that they are delicious. Why do they like?


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Daring fusions in Mercadona's fries

They like because they are novel, different bets and that they offer daring mergers that even other chains do not risk launching to the market. Perhaps fearing that they are a failure. But it is certainly not like that. The recipe of frango chicken and lemon It is successful because it perfectly displays what it advertises on your palate. A flavor accentuated to the classic chicken roast that is lightened with the touch of citrus. Perfect combination that generates addiction, so control yourself. The bag of 130 grams costs only € 1,05 and the provider is Blond Snacks, a Murcian company very popular for its french fries throughout the country.

fries from Mercadona
French fries with frango chicken and lemon flavor / Photo: Iván Sevilla

In the second case, the chili con lime recipe it is more exotic by emulating that typical Mexican ingredient that is softened with citrus. Slightly sour and spicyThese fries from Mercadona They are more aimed at those who want powerful experiences in the mouth. Sold to 0,90 € for the same amount of 130 grams. They are made by Snacks The Valley, Alicante company. In both cases, the brand is Hacendado. Have you already tried these two breakthrough options with the classic? What do you think?