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Happlant vegan ice cream lands

There are foods that have a marking seasonal character. It usually happens with Christmas sweets, as if it makes no sense to eat roscón de Reyes in May. Like when autumn arrives it seems strange to have an ice cream, because the temperature does not accompany. However, some companies such as Loco Polo devise new ways of making ice cream that can be eaten at any time of the year, giving rise to their Hot polo. But the latest novelty is not found in its temperature, but in its ingredients and method of preparation. Vegan ice creams arrive in Madrid, With the help of happlant. Do you want to know what differentiates them from the others? We tell you here!

Sustainable and healthy philosophy

The vegan trend is gaining more and more followers and this maelstrom of foods made without products of animal origin are now being added vegan Happlant ice cream. More and more people care about what they eat and are more committed to the environment. As a result of all these factors, we find more and more products like this on the market with, in addition, a sustainable philosophy. This company has just landed in Madrid that is committed to eliminating animal protein and producing healthy ice creams based on sustainability.

Vegan Happlant ice cream

But are they really healthy? happlant offers options no harmful additives or preservatives, neither refined oils nor flavor enhancers. The additives they use are harmless to health (guar gum and locust bean gum), unlike others that are widely used and harmful such as glutamate.

They generally do not contain added sugars. However, they are made with minimal sugars some flavors, such as those with chocolate chips, but this is only about 2% of the ice cream. To sweeten these creams they use Banana puree and date paste.

This vegan option has an environmental consequence: you need a 92% less water to produce them. On the other hand, vegetable drinks used in ice creams contribute to animal welfare and to a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Happlant vegan ice cream containers

But Happlant's ethical commitment does not end there. The ice creams are served in containers made of kraft cardboardA material recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. This means that, after use, man can make another product. But if that doesn't happen, the container naturally decomposes into organic compost. What's more, the spoons are made of wood. It is clear that from Happlant they declare war on plastic.

Proximity ingredients

Happlant makes these cold sweets in an artisanal way in Madrid and they try that the ingredients are from local trade. In some cases it is complicated, as with nuts or cocoa, but whenever possible, fruits from agriculture from the Community of Madrid are used. If a fruit is not grown in the capital, they resort to national products, like the bananas of the Canary Islands or the mangoes of Malaga.

By not using fruits that come from abroad, certain flavors of ice cream are conditioned by the agricultural seasons. And why not buy fruits from another country? Because this way they decrease the carbon footprint that originates the transport of the ingredients.

Happlant vegan ice cream flavors

Little by little, Happlant is managing to include more flavors in its catalog. At the moment there are only four and each week a new one will be unlocked. There are not many, but it must be borne in mind that the offer before Happlant was almost nil. 

mango in Spain

- Banana Split

Canarian banana with nibbles dark chocolate (70% minimum) and walnuts. Chocolate chips are made with sugar, cocoa mass, spent cocoa powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and vanilla flavoring.

- Salted cuttlefish

It is an ice cream from pure cocoa with a brushstroke of sea ​​salt in flakes. Its flavor will hook lovers of dark chocolate. The chocolate with the salt creates a strange combination that ends up enchanting.

- Handle

His only one taste is fruity (for now). They use mangoes grown in Malaga, not in South America like most supermarkets.

- Peanut Butter with cuttlefish seeds

Butter 100% natural peanuts accompanied by dark chocolate chips. Ideal for lovers of peanut butter, a product real food. These chocolate chips are the same as the ones in the Banana Split.

Happlant Vegan Ice Cream Peanut Butter Flavor
Peanut Butter Flavor | Photo: @ hap.plant

To enjoy one of these vegan ice creams by Happlant you should book them through your website. For pick it up in store it takes between two and 48 hours to get it ready; while for him home delivery They estimate between two and five days for the arrival of the ice cream.

What are you waiting to order yours? It is never too late to join the healthy fashion of the real food and, incidentally, contribute to caring for the environment. Yes, with some ice creams in the fall too.