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Bluefin tuna feast on the coast of Cádiz

Tons and tons of one of the most popular fish on the Cadiz coast fill the boats of the locals, who catch the bluefin tuna off the coast of Cádiz. Then, very cool, it is prepared with creativity and exquisiteness in different restaurants by chefs who are experts in its preparation. Thus, you can already enjoy during this month of may of the numerous fairs and parties held there. Always with tasty dishes that revolve around this typical product of the sea. We tell you a little more about this feast that you can stick next to the best beaches in the province. 

The best time to catch and eat bluefin tuna

Up to four traps of Cadiz fishermen are working piecework these days to catch up to 1.340 tons expected of bluefin tuna off the coast of Cádiz. They continue generation after generation with an art that has more than three thousand years of history. The one that continues later in restaurant kitchens, where the best chefs work on this delicacy to serve it to the customer. Imagination and creativity in abundance they result in a great diversity of dishes, always with a personalized touch. Also with any part of the fishBecause everything is eaten from him. 

But why is it at this time of year that bluefin tuna are caught more and better? The explanation is very simple: from the Atlantic Sea to the Mediterranean, tuna travel by migrating. This time is the ideal time to fish it because its meat is juicier. Perfect, therefore, to be worked in different ways by chefs from Cádiz. Thus they can prepare hundreds of tapas and main meals, after observing the ritual of fishing known as the 'Levantás'. The bluefin tuna off the coast of Cádiz it is taken out of the water at that precise moment, inside the long nets.

Taste the bluefin tuna on the Costa de Cádiz

The four coastal areas that organize events with prominence for the Red tuna consist of Barbate, Conil de la Frontera, Tarifa and Zahara. This last place already announces in its name which is the best known product of its gastronomy. The first mentioned destination already celebrates its XII Gastronomic Week of Tuna, while in the other destinations they have their own tuna routes. In Conil until next June 3, from May 14 to 19 in Zahara and from June 24 to 2 in Tarifa.