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Supergreen to balance the microbiota after the holidays

Komvida Kombucha, who they are and what they do

Kombucha Kombucha It arose from the idea of ​​two young women from Extremadura, Nuria Morales and Beatriz Magro, in an attic in Fregenal de la Sierra, Badajoz. It was Bea who, on a trip to California (cradle of kombucha), saw this drink for the first time. As soon as she tried it, she called Nuria to start a project together: the transfer of kombucha to Spain under the name of Komvida Komucha.

La Kombucha is a millennial drink composed of sugar and fermented tea that the samurai already ingested. Komvida Kombucha use only organic and natural ingredients in the preparation of the drink. Committed to the environment, its containers are made of glass and its very beneficial uses for the body. This liquid, rich in polyphenols, has antioxidant, vasodilator and anti-inflammatory effects. Improves the fintestinal parrot, helps the digestionit's antirust and remove toxins from your body.

Komvida Kombucha launches Supergreen to balance your microbiota after the holidays

After the transfer of kombucha from California to Spain, the brand continues to innovate and launches super green. It is a new drink based on kombucha with kiwi, cucumber and spirulina It helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from our body. It is made by hand and with real ingredients of 100% organic origin. In addition, Supergreen includes beneficial probiotics to strengthen the immune system and balance the microbiota.

This concoction is ideal as an alternative to traditional soft drinks. It is designed for use after excesses such as intestinal flora balancer. In its commitment to health, it is a Spanish product suitable for people celiac and vegan. So now you know, if you've had a bad bill this Christmas or you're planning to go out next weekend, start 2023 off right with a Supergreen flavored kombucha in your pantry.