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The Bagpiper triumphs with his Ice Cider 1898

Ice Cider 1898, from the El Gaitero Group, sweeps CINVE 2022

What are the tasty typical dishes of San Juan?

The night that welcomes summer arrives and with it the typical dishes of San Juan's Day in each Spanish region where it is celebrated

Gastronomy of Asturias, from generation to generation

The gastronomy of Asturias combines the best products of its land. The large number of recipes will allow you to choose your favorite dishes

Spring Cider, the bet of the triple version

Spring Cider is the new cider that is gaining popularity in the market. Its flavors and versatility make it the perfect option. Discover it!

El Piper diversifies and sweetens

The most famous group in Spain for producing Asturian ciders innovates for Christmas by venturing into a category of sweets. Discover what's new in El Gaitero.

Cider La Prohibida, a biblical one from San Miguel

The beer company's first foray into making a drink with fermented apples. Discover the Forbidden cider here.

How many kinds of vinegar are there?

Vinegar is one of the products of gastronomy that may not be appreciated as it deserves in gastronomy but that takes on special importance in its flavor.

Galician cider reclaims its space

Although it is a product traditionally associated with other communities, few know that Galicia is the largest producer of apples for Galician cider in Spain.

Great party of the Zarautz grill

LOCALIDAD Zarautz LUGAR Legen Zaharren enparantza HORA 12:00 EMPIEZA 26/11/2017 TERMINA 26/11/2017


EVENT DATA PLACE: La Cebada Market (Plaza de la Cebada, s/n) Metro: La Latina DATE: From November 23 to 26, 2017 SCHEDULE: Thursday...