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Spring Cider, the bet of the triple version

There is nothing better than a good and refreshing drink to combat the high temperatures that lurk. Enjoying the wonderful days that summer brings with a glass in hand is one of the greatest pleasures of the life. For this reason, many companies are betting on the creation of new products. Proof of this is Spring cider from the well-known The Piper Group. It is a cider fresh and surprising that, without a doubt, will captivate your palate. Do you want to know the most secret aspects of this drink? It will be able to surprise you both for its flavor and for its presentation and varieties.

What is Spring Cider?

El The Piper Group, which has more than 130 years of history and, therefore, extensive experience in the sector, has launched a new cider. Which is presented in individual format and that you can find in three versions: apple, apple + grape and without alcohol. It should be noted that none of the three contains gluten so they are suitable for celiacs. According to the creators themselves, Spring cider is a fresh cider made with apples really.

Along with this, experts in this type of drink assure that it has a perfect balance between sweetness and carbonic. And, thanks to his low alcohol content y lightness is an ideal alternative to enjoy an aperitif, a afterwork or for the known "tardy". In addition, it is a product that can be enjoyed directly from the can or bottle or, conversely, in a wide glass with ice.

Spring cider
Spring Cider. Source: sidraelgaitero.com

Birth of Spring Cider

One of the Group's hallmarks The Bagpiper is the professionalism. Therefore, before launching the Spring cider the market decided to carry out two investigations within the category, one quantitative and the other qualitative. As confirmed Maria Cardin, responsible for the project, to various media, what they wanted to achieve with this was to know the tastes and preferences of the consumer. Through the quantitative they wanted to obtain a vision of the consumer in the national territory and with the qualitative they sought to know the customer's relationship with this type of drink.

With these studies, both the name such as the packaging and different proposals of liquid that matched the results. And, once the different options were obtained, the phase of choice of final product. Which was done by tastings in strategic points of the Spanish geography. In this way, the winner was reached, which was Spring cider. It could be said that, thanks to all this process, this cider has the maximum quality.


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Three versions

Listen to the consumer is something that the Asturian firm has considered of vital importance for the creation of Spring cider. For this reason, it has been able to develop three different versions of the same cider, but with spectacular conditions. The design is explosive and refreshing and the versions highlight the unique character of each one of them.

On one hand, Spring Cider Apple it is delicate, irresistible and very fresh. Also, your bottle is represented by a arrow. The explanation given by the company of this image is because it has an extraordinary flavor like the aim of William Tell. In your case, Spring Cider Apple + grape It has a very tasty and sweet combination, as well as tempting. Therefore, he wears a snake, referring to the apple of Adam and Eve. By last, Spring Cider without alcohol is as inspiring a feeling as the Newton's apple, it is an allegory to his Formula of Gravity.

Spring cider
Spring Cider. Source: spring-cider.com

Where to buy Spring Cider?

It is a cider that has just hit the market. Therefore, currently you will be able to find it in supermarkets such as Carrefour o To field at the national level. In addition, if you are from Asturias, Galicia, León or Madrid, you can also make your purchase at El Corte Ingles. As well as in supermarkets More and more from Asturias and León. Not forgetting the Spring Cider brand's own website. It should be noted that all three versions of this drink are available in year de 25 cl and in the case of the apple also in bottle.

Can you decide which of all the options is your favorite? The different flavors allow you to adapt your choice to your needs. So you just have to decide which one you fancy the most and ... give the best national cider!