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Nestlé commits to regenerative agriculture

Nestlé creates programs for its suppliers to promote regenerative agriculture with the aim of improving a more sustainable diet.

Natural yogurt: which one to choose?

Natural yogurt is a dairy product internationally recognized as a healthy food. It is obtained from the fermentation of specific microorganisms of milk, two bacteria...

Nestlé Jungle White: are we ready?

Nestlé Jungle arrives but with white chocolate! A year after winning back thousands of disappointed consumers, the Swiss brand decides to take a step...

Nestlé's vegan meat, just around the corner!

In the coming months, the new vegan meat from Nestlé will arrive. The multinational has invested in the innovation of the company Sundial...

Ice cream alert, why is it?

To obtain many of the ice creams that we usually eat, it is necessary to use a stabilizer called E410. The problem is that if this rust...

Is the Nestlé brand healthy?

Is Nestle healthy? According to a report, only 37% of the brand's products are, which makes us wonder why this percentage.

Nestlé Jungly returns! Why do you like it so much?

The legendary tablet is back on sale after years disappeared. We take a look at why Nestlé Jungle chocolate is so all the rage.

The race to the perfect veggie burger

Heura and Garden Gourmet are two brands that present novelties in their meats to find the vegetable burger that meets the requirements.

Natruly sugar-free chocolate, healthy and pioneer?

Natruly sugar free chocolate is designed to make you happier. Discover what differentiates it from other brands that define themselves as "natural"

The dark side of chocolate in Africa

Cocoa production on the African continent takes place in subhuman conditions. We analyze here the situation of chocolate in Africa.