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Supergreen to balance the microbiota after the holidays

Komvida Kombucha, who they are and what they do Komvida Kombucha arose from the idea of ​​two young women from Extremadura, Nuria Morales and Beatriz Magro, in an attic...

This is Pina Colada Komvida

Komvida, a Spanish reference in the preparation of kombucha, launches a new flavor: piña colada. If you already surprised us with your kombujito, kombucha and mojito,...

Mercadona's Kombucha: What about it?

What is Kombucha? Where can you get it? What benefits does it bring? Discover Mercadona's Kombucha, a probiotic drink made from tea...

Komvida innovates in the kombucha sector

The Spanish kombucha brand opens its first flagship to Europe, a unique place where they offer much more than Komvida products. Find out!

It's kombucha summer, find out why

With many flavor options to refresh your palate when the heat is on, kombucha is a great alternative to traditional beverages.

What are fermented foods?

These fashionable products bring great wealth to world gastronomy. Discover in this article which are the most interesting fermented foods.

Salad vending machines!

The healthy food trend is already reaching vending with vending machines for salads, bowls of pasta, snacks and different drinks.

Vitae Kombucha, the living drink!

They are currently marketing Kombucha in the flavors of lemon, ginger, mango, strawberry and apple.