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Save sustainable producers

The year 2023 will be a special year for many producers, processors, restaurateurs and also consumers. A year in which the chain will suffer stress caused by the great demands of the market and the high inflation that will foreseeably continue during this 2023. When this happens, the weakest link in the chain suffers and these are the sustainable producers who take care of our territory.

Sustainable producers are all those who have believed in the product and who have also gone further. Not only in search of the calls quality, gourmet and premium products, which are already outdated, if not in search of a production with common sense and a more holistic high quality.

A production and elaboration of products that respects the environment as well as the product. The use of products to achieve this that are ecological, biodegradable, sustainable and green. All this goes through both the use of the inputs used and the energy and techniques used to do so. Also decent salaries for all those who participate in the sector.

regenerative agriculture. Source: wageningen
regenerative agriculture. Source: wageningen

Sustainable producers: they are and will be essential

Make no mistake, there will be an industrialized agriculture that will produce and produce a low and only acceptable quality at very low prices. At times when prices go up and up, it is surely the solution for millions of people. The environmental costs that they produce are difficult to measure and those that they produce in terms of health are also difficult. You have to eat and life, sometimes, is not easy. In this case it is important that the consumer has good nutritional information, you can eat cheaply and healthy.

For all those whose economic pressure is not unsustainable, who prioritize health over other superfluous expenses, having a healthy diet and gastronomy means gaining quality of life. Buying local, organic products helps all these sustainable producers to take care of agriculture and livestock. Also to structure our territory. Not using chemical and synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides, produces healthier products and does not contaminate our soil.

The tendencies to a regenerative agriculture and livestock The one that many producers are beginning to bet on is the future. Goes one step further to ecology and takes into account, in addition to the product, the soil and the environment. And all this for a little more money that reverts to health and the quality of the product for the consumer. Also the restoration is in it and the best restaurateurs keep it very much in mind.

In conclusion, we must be aware of what food and gastronomy mean for us and the environment. Support all producers who want to do it well to leave healthier soils to those who come after and these are the sustainable producers.