El milk claim it is unfair and unnecessary. Some consumers don't realize it. Maybe you don't value it. The truth is that many distribution chains use products claim as promotion. This old strategy is currently affecting many producers very hard. In this case, the one that is already reaching an unsustainable point is the dairy sector. All of this puts this livestock activity at risk, which has been in reconversion for many years, with cost adjustments and profitability improvements and which now it's hit rock bottom.

We do not realize, until it is late, the importance of having our own production of basic foods in the territory. What some call food sovereignty. And all this, also in the case of milk, is going to be ruined by a price offer led by the large chains so that their private labels sell below cost. What many already know as the famous 59 cents per liter.

the milk claim

The milk claim: unfair and unnecessary

With the same sale price as more than twenty years ago farmers have been improving their productivity and adjusting costs. Also making a concentration of farms that has led to an improvement in quality and price. Currently with the price paid to the Livestock farmersInter 0,30 and 0,35 cts / liter, and rising forage and energy costs are ruining many of them.

The big question is why the distribution sector squeezes this sector so hard. The answer is simple and it is because they have these products as a claim for them to go to their supermarket chain. And they do so cruelly that they are loading a crucial sector and that it will be very difficult to recover. In reality, this cruel claim is not necessary and the proof is that in countries like France private label milk is much more expensive than in Spain and people continue to buy in their supermarkets. There they are clear that it is important to respect a vital minimum and guarantee their own production.

With the milk around the neck

Currently many farmers are struggling to increase the sale price of their milk. They do it in many places in Spain with the motto. In Andalusia and Catalonia with mobilizations to ask to end any campaign that uses milk as a commercial claim. Also due to strict compliance with the Food Chain Law that guarantees a viable minimum price. One of the requests is to send all the information to the consumer and find a way to guarantee the consumer that the price of milk they pay is a fair price.

The consumer must be advised to buy sustainable products. However, super cheap milks are not for the sector. Neither for him THE ENVIRONMENT, since the closure of these farms leaves a territory more neglected, depopulated and without a future for many young people.



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