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Fish at home and by bike! New option

Although it has been a few days since the restoration has begun to gradually open its doors to delivery to catering establishments, consumption continues to be Very low. Prices are also very low, there is no way they can recover. The same thing happens with seafood or the most typical fish eaten in these establishments. In this sense, the fish at home. Who have joined this initiative? We tell you about it here.

In addition to the great challenge of recover consumption and prices, fishmongers face the challenge of digitalization. For all of it fedepesca, the sector's employer, has reached an agreement with glovo, the delivery company to facilitate this process to the fish retailer and at the same time make it easier to consume these products in households.

Proximity and sustainability

With this agreement, the dynamization of the local trade, in this case the fishmongers. In this way, a type of more digital customers and that you do not have enough time to approach the physical stores. It is also useful for the digitization, in a practical way, of the fishmongers that with the Whatsapp by Glovo they will be able to receive fish at home.

fish at home
Fishmonger and bike / Photo: fedepesca

This digitization will help these fishmongers, which have had to adapt during the confinement. Orders have been received for phone, email, whatsapp... and they have had to coordinate shipments complicated to deliver without a prepared logistics. Now with the agreement signed between Fedepesca and Glovo will have a more operational alternative.

María Luisa Álvarez, director of fedepesca, states: “We positively value this alliance with Glovo. Within your search for partners that allow them to advance in the improvement of the services of the small entrepreneurs that are part of the association. All with the aim that they continue to be a modern and innovative option ”.

With this alliance, the products of the More than 7.000 establishments that are part of the national association of fishmongers and frozen products stores can now join the offer. Local businesses present in Glovo. In addition, this company provides them with sustainable transport and with low carbon mobility in cities.

Take advantage of this initiative to consume fish at home without leaving home but enjoying the delicious delicacies directly from the best fishmongers!