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What is beef jerky?

La beef It is one of the jewels in the crown of the national gastronomy. Their products fill the market. And, they are able to please the most palates exquisite. But you know what is jerky? Give him an oportunity!

What is jerky?

It is obvious that jerky is a meat product. Derived from beef. More specifically, of the hind legs or quarters of older cattle. And it is that, the animal must have, at least, 5 years old. In addition to a minimum weight of 400 kilograms. It should be noted that it must come from autochthonous breeds such as those of Castilla y Leon.

You should know that from the leg of the cow they come up 5 general cuts or pieces. But, only 4 are used to make the jerky. These are the hip, against, top and stifle. It should be noted that it has been a key food in the diet of farmers. In addition, it has had a great demand boom in the market. Due, above all, to his appreciated aroma, Excellent flavor and marked character craftsman.

What is jerky
Sliced ​​jerky. Source: latiendadeleon

Great properties

Contrary to what you may think, jerky presents important advantages. It is good for all those diets that should not ingest carbohydrates. Along with this, it stands out for the high contribution of iron. What serves to prevent anemia. In addition, it is low in fat, especially if it comes from animals that live on freedom.

Just as important are the levels of calcium and phosphorus. Which are involved in the maintenance of bones. The jerky has B vitamins. Which work as antioxidants and help prevent aging. Last but not least, it contains a significant amount of magnesium. This contributes to metabolism and reduces fatigue.


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You have already been able to know what is jerky. So, are you willing to try this delicious product? Both his flavor as their We take care of your rental property in Valencia. make it a star food. And it is that, it is not only consumed in the field!