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R&D to reduce emissions: the bet of the meat sector?

Is the meat sector interested in investing in R&D to reduce emissions? Perhaps the real question is why. It is true that in a world...

Undercooked meat Danger!

There is a much debated dilemma between lovers of rare meat and those who do not like to see anything pink in their...

Cuts of beef

Within the beef cuts, each one is a world and differs greatly from the rest. A loin is not the same...

What is beef jerky?

Beef is one of the jewels in the crown of national gastronomy. Their products fill the market. And, they are able...

How is meat production evolving in Spain?

We already know the data for the last year on meat production in Spain and here we reveal how the figures are rising or falling.

Goiko diversifies with 'Goikocina', what does it offer?

The Goiko gourmet hamburger brand has expanded with a new concept: 'Goikocina', to bring its products closer to all customers.

Guadarrama meat, the juiciest from Madrid

Guadarrama meat is one of the best in Spain due to its tenderness and juiciness. In addition, it is the only food with PGI in the Community of Madrid.

Gastronomy of Cantabria: the versatility of the north

The gastronomy of Cantabria is one of the most varied in Spain. Its wide range of products from the sea and the mountains differentiate it.Discover everything here!

Cecina de León, cured jewel of the Peninsula

This salted meat is exclusive because it is made from cattle and enjoys PGI. Find out what the cecina de León is like here.

Aged meats, what are they and their types

They are a trend for the most carnivorous palates and here we will tell you how matured meats differ from normal ones. Discover them!