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Why eat bonito del Norte

The period of certified fishing A very particular fish begins in the month of May and ends in the month of September-October, depending on the assigned fishing quota. This year the catches have been good and in these first days of August we reached the 75% of the total allowed fishing. Find out here why eat tuna from the north, seasonal now, when you've already accumulated fatter and tastier. To all this is added that it is fish with traditional arts, which has an excellent quality and which is currently certified and controlled for its sustainability. Seize the moment!

Certified fishing in the Bay of Biscay

The fishery is targeting the bonito in the Bay of Biscay and adjacent waters. For this reason it is known as northern tuna, since it is obtained in this area of ​​northern Spain. The catches are made using the arts of rod and trolling. They are traditional methods that keep stocks in good condition and hardly generate bycatch, as well as providing exceptional quality.

Fishing control is carried out with fishing certificates such as MSC, that contributes to good management. All this gives guarantees to the consumer that this fishing has been carried out in a controlled manner, guaranteeing the sustainability. These certificates are increasingly necessary for the entire food chain.

Bonito fishing. Photo: Opercebeiro

This type of certified fishing is also making the 98% of the catches are of the species that is intended to be captured. In the case of fishing for another species, the fleet has adopted a code of conduct. This establishes actions to be taken in the case of cetaceans, birds and turtles, ensuring safe release and maximum survival.

Fish Stock Status 2020

Why eat bonito del Norte? This is a warm-water tuna, widely distributed throughout the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The stock status assessments carried out by the International Commission for the Atlantic Tuna Conservation show that it has improved in recent years.

In 2015, the biomass of the stock was above the maximum sustainable yield. Currently, the fishery has contributed positively to the development and adoption of a set of catch control rules that allow fishing sustainable financing model. Warranty seals like those of MSC are already in large areas such as Eroski and Makro. These give the peace of mind of consuming quality fish, ensuring the future of the species and being respectful with the environment.

why eat tuna from the north
Nice from the North

One more among the tuna

Within tuna we can differentiate three large groups. In the first place the most popular and with which most of preserves is light tuna. His scientific name is Tunnus Albacares. Its size is somewhat larger than that of the nice from the north, reaching up to 45-50 Kg of weight. It also differs because the fins have a yellow hue, which is why some call it tuna yellowfin. It is the most fish, currently, and the most economical. It usually has a fat percentage of 10%.

The tuna that currently enjoys the most prestige and price is called Red tuna. His scientific name is Thunnus Thynnus. Its size can exceed 500 Kg. It is a strong, resistant and very voracious animal. Its meat is red, tasty and with a very infiltrated fat. It travels great distances and is fished on our coasts during the spawning period, in the months of June and July.

Finally, our great protagonist. Why eat bonito del Norte? It belongs to the scombridae family, which are differentiated into two types: the Bonito del Sur, known by the name of the Atlantic or common bonito, and the Bonito del Norte. Its scientific name Thunnus Alalunga It is also known as white tuna. Its size reaches one meter in length and its weight up to 15 kg. It is recognized by the length of its fin and by having a whiter and bluish color. Its meat is very fine and appreciated.

Red tuna scam cadiz
Red tuna

Why eat bonito del Norte

Like all blue fish, the bonito is a food rich in Omega-3 fats, that is, it provides us with 6% of healthy fats. Its protein is of great biological value, it does not have carbohydrates and it gives us low calories. Add that his glycemic level is also very low. For all these properties the northern tuna it can be part of many healthy diets.

Regarding minerals, their contribution in iodo, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. It also gives us Vitamins, especially vitamins of group B (such as vitamin B2, B3, B9 and B12), D and A.

Bonito del Norte / Photo: Opercebeiro

In addition to providing benefits for all people with cholesterol problems, its exquisite meat gives us the opportunity to enjoy different ways in the kitchen. From grilled, fried, baked, in tomato, with vegetables to the famous marmitakos They provide us with a very versatile and rich fish that we have within reach for a very reasonable price. Now that you know why eat tuna from the northTake the opportunity to put it in your dishes!