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Fraud in the DO Valdepeñas!

For a few days the war of course fraud in the DO Valdepeñas. What seemed like a small commercial battle between two large wineries such as García Carrión and Félix Solís has uncovered a network of wine sales that did not correspond to reality. According to existing evidence, Felix Solis and some other wineries of the Castilian-La Mancha DO have been selling wines of the year claiming that they were crianza, reserva and gran reserva. We inform you more here!

Once the data of the aging, reserve and large reserve wines produced by the consultant have been analyzed Nielsen compared to those declared by the Denomination of Origin there are great differences. In other words, there are allegedly more than thirteen million liters (that is, almost 18 million bottles) that have been fraudulently sold in the Spanish and export markets. More than 60% of the bottles of Valdepeñas They are listed as reserves but according to the DO they are only the 20%. A quite differential figure that has caused all this event, already being investigated.

Complaint for fraud in the DO Valdepeñas

As reported by the company Garcia Carrion, was being used red wine strips instead of counter-label, as the norm marks. For all this, as indicated by the company, "it is allowing, without control or traceability, by the Interprofessional Association of the Denomination of Origin or the Administration, a fraudulent practice in the marketing of wines raised under the DO of Valdepeñas of the operators denounced ».

acevin certifies the valdepeñas route
Serving a glass of wine / Photo: dovaldepeñas

After these complaints, the prosecution of Ciudad Real has sent a letter to the National Court in which it states that «During the pre-procedural investigation it has been possible to prove that the irregularities that are denounced not only could have been committed by the operator directly denounced, Mr. Félix Solís or his wineries or marketing companies "but" the investigation files of the Ministry of Agriculture have highlighted that there are irregularities in more wineries ».

Disrepute in the market

All this scandal results in a great discredit for this alleged fraud in the DO Valdepeñas (Castilla la Mancha). It will also be so for the Spanish wine sector in the market, especially in the tough and competitive export market. But, of course, for all the consumers who have been scammed by all the wineries that have carried out the alleged fraud and for all the winemakers who have acted correctly.

alleged fraud in Valdepeñas wine labels fraud in the DO Valdepeñas
Wine bottles / Photo: vinovaldepeñas

Control of appellations of origin

It is always a great challenge control by all appellations of origin of the wineries that are part of it. Currently, it is becoming necessary that this control be intensified, that they incorporate control and traceability systems in the product. Everything to guarantee the quality of the product, which corresponds to what it should be and give peace of mind or guarantee to all consumers. All this is vital to recover and give prestige to the product. Will cases like this happen again fraud in the DO Valdepeñas?