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Buzzing honey, hidden in the mountains

Everyone should put a pinch of sweet in their life. Adding a tasty touch from time to time never hurts. And, if it can be a product of national origin, better than better. Therefore, what is sweeter than that well-known food made by bees? Indeed, nothing. Therefore, today you will have the opportunity to know the buzzing honey. Which has been recognized in the international honey contest From london. In other words, it is another of the great Spanish products with great international prestige. You want to know more?

Where does Buzzing honey come from?

The idea of ​​this type of production comes from two young workers from castromonte, in the Montes Torozos (Valladolid). Their names are Víctor Muñiz and Sara Marcos. Who started just ago five years with this great beekeeping project, in a province dominated by the cereal. Although "Bee ranchers" which is what they call themselves, they are beginning to emerge. Above all, in those mountain areas, which are usually abandoned and without any use.

It should be noted that both partners already have 300 hives. And, in each of them an average of up to 70.000 bees in summer. Therefore, the buzzing honey it has been growing year after year during the last five years. Such has been its development that, as we have mentioned before, it has been awarded in the international honey contest From london. Even with the category of "Gold". But, like all things, they are faced with a series of dangers that you will discover later.

Buzzing Honey
Honey jars / Source: Pixabay

Buzzing honey production method

In the latitudes where these beekeepers work, bees only they produce honey between the months of April and September. So, during these months, the hikes are already at the top of this product and it only remains to collect it. But, on the other hand, of september to april animals they wait in their hives with the reserves that they store in the lowest part. So, for the bees to uncover their treasure that they have been working on for months, the smoker puts them on alert.

In this way, they focus on escaping from the fictional fire. This is the moment in which the harvest of food. But, nature can cause serious problems for these insects. Two in particular: the fire as well as the varroa, which is a mite that can kill an entire hive in a matter of weeks.


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Certain problems

In addition to those mentioned above, the honey sector is not exempt from other human potholes. Among those who stand out his poor regulation and the eternal labeling problem, coupled with the threat of fake honeys. And it is that, as for its label, it should always be clear. That is, you must indicate at all times the origin and mode of elaboration of the product. Always in favor of consumers.

On the other hand, from buzzing honey they ask that the institutions should be clarified in various aspects. Since, right now, such contradictory information is allowed on the packaging such as "European honeys and not". Something that no one has found meaning so far. And, finally, another of the demands of the sector is that the controls to detect the quality of the honey must be updated. Therefore, it could be detected earlier fraud.

Buzzing Honey
Bees making honey in the honeycomb / Funt: Pixabay

Don't go cheap

As you have seen, the increase in demand for honey has been impressive. This has resulted in the shelves of all supermarkets offering many types of honeys. Some of them from dubious quality. As a recommendation, you should be wary of any honey that is sold below its production cost. Which is about $5.

Although, the pioneers of buzzing honey recommend that you purchase this product in the vicinity of your zone and especially from a real beekeeper. Along with this, you already know that for color tastes, so choose your favorite according to your preferences. North people like them better dark. While in the south and east the most clear. This is because you have become accustomed to the foods in your area, so it is good sign.


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It is clear that the buzzing honey is breaking into the beekeeping sector with force. Do you like honey? Do not miss the opportunity to try one of the best on the market. Put a little bit of sweet to your life!