Teruel ham, unique and delicious

Did you know 40% of hams and shoulders with Denomination of Origin in Spain are from Teruel? This high percentage is due to special characteristics of the area that make the Teruel ham a totally unique piece. Right now we will tell you about them.

Sales grew in 2020

40% of the hams and shoulders of Spain come from the 33 drying rooms registered in the Denomination of Origin Jamón de Teruel and Paleta de Teruel. Likewise, 75,41% of the hams with differentiated quality belong to the white ham segment; exactly 495.780 hams protected by the PDO of Teruel and the IGP of Trevélez.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has also provided the data for 2020. In them it is observed that the Denomination of Origin Jamón de Teruel and Paleta de Teruel marked 349.161 pieces of Teruel PDO Ham and 133.447 pieces of Teruel PDO Shoulder. Figures that represent a significant increase of 22,92% compared to the year 2019.

Teruel ham

Teruel Ham | Source: Jamonesham.es

What is special about this ham?

The JAmón de Teruel was the first in Spain endorsed by a designation of origin that was born with the aim of guaranteeing a high quality product, subjected to a rigorous selection process and cured. It is characterized by its elongated, profiled and rounded shape. It weighs more than seven kilos and always keeps its hoof.

Similarly, it possesses a aroma characteristic, soft, pleasant and suggestive. Its flavor is peculiar, as it is delicate and rather little salty. In fact, the province of Teruel is famous for the quality and genius of its pork products. Thanks to a climate that is ideal for the natural curing process of ham.

Teruel ham

Iberian Ham

What should you take into account when buying Teruel ham?

First of all, you should observe the white seal or band. Like Iberian hams, Teruel ham has a seal that certifies its origin, as does the veterinary number.

Then you should notice that only in the province of Teruel, hams from Designation of Origin they keep the hoof, while those who do not belong to the Denomination lose it. Finally, you must observe that it carries the star Mudejar. It is engraved on the leather and is considered another certificate of quality and authenticity.

Mudejar Star of Teruel Ham | Source: Gastronomicspain.es

How does the Teruel ham differ from the ETG Serrano ham?

The first and most notable difference is that the Teruel ham is linked 100% to the territory of your province. None of the phases through which the leg passes until it reaches the table can take place outside of Teruel. This allows the Regulatory Council an absolute control of the entire production process.

Unlike in the ETG Serrano Ham in which there is hardly any regulation of the breeds of pigs that can be of any random breed and from anywhere in the world.

Teruel ham

Serrano ham | Source: Tudespensaenlaweb.com

Instead, in the Teruel Denomination of Origin, Teruel shoulders are obtained from pigs of the best quality breeds, specifically from Duroc, Landrace and Large White. These are raised in the province and fed with select feed such as wheat, barley or corn.

Likewise, if we put the focus of attention on the curing of the pieces, the Denomination of Origin of Teruel performs the drying and aging of its products in facilities at a minimum altitude of 800 meters above sea level, in cold, dry, clean and pure environments, without mist or humidity and free from any type of contamination.

Teruel ham | Source: Productosdeteruel.es

This natural setting is decisive to achieve the pure aroma and flavor that characterizes this piece, another of the great differences with Serrano hams, which are allowed to age without temperature control and without altitude levels for drying.

For all this and much more, the Teruel Ham is a unique and excellent piece that you can't stop trying. What are you waiting for to buy it and delight your palate? Did you know how it was different from the serrano ham ETG before?

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