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Measures in supermarkets due to coronavirus

At last they arrived. After days of authentic panic, confusion and crowds of customers who came out of quarantine to make the purchase, have already been implemented measures in supermarkets by the coronavirus. Very necessary given the exceptional situation that both employees and other Spanish consumers were experiencing, ranging from limits to prevention. Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo, Lidl or Consum have been forced to act in front of the Chaos every day in their stores in all corners of Spain. In this article we inform you about the decisions that have been made, how they affect you and how you can contribute responsibly.

The food chain, essential in this crisis

Before entering into the matter that concerns us today, it is worth remembering the high importance that large and small have acquired food stores In our country. We are in a state of national alarm, something that has led to the closure of the entire HORECA channel (bars, restaurants and other non-food establishments). In these weeks that this unprecedented situation lasts for the COVID-19, the proper functioning of the food chain is essential. After the chaotic days that have been 'viralized' in social networks of customers buying in abundance, without common sense or solidarity, a new door opens. The one that contemplates from this same Monday, March 16, a series of measures in supermarkets due to the coronavirus.

Braking the curve yes but stop panic in shopping too. Because workers must also be protected against possible infections during the performance of their work, which is more stressful in these weeks. Because customers should be able to go shopping normally, no fights, no crowds, no fear and always respecting the hygiene measures. The government insists on maintaining a calm that is not exactly being seen in the establishments of basic necessities, those that are open to the public. Are essential, so you also collaborate to make everything easier for them.

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A customer with two full carts / Photo: EP

What measures have been imposed in supermarkets?

Continuing with the employees themselves - who should also be recognized for the work they are doing in this period of health crisis - they have been forced to take gloves and mask. In addition to maintaining the minimum safety distance of one meter with respect to other people. Why? Can the virus be transmitted through foods? Any infected person unknowingly who contacts a product, a car, a shelf or another room in a store can leave particles of the coronavirus. According to experts, in materials such as copper and steel, the COVID-19 can stay for almost two hours. On other surfaces such as cardboard or plastic, this time is extended until twelve hours ieven. Therefore, once you make the purchase, you should wash your hands well.

Of course, among the common measures in supermarkets due to the coronavirus the UV-C disinfection. constant of all the material that can be a means of transmission. In addition, it provides with greater impetus the gloves disposable plastic for handling fruits and vegetables in bulk. Another recommendation is do not fumble the products and then return them to their shelf and it is even asked to keep the safety distance in the queues. Reduction of hours, limitation of gauging of customers (those who enter through those who are leaving) or who go to buy only a person (not in groups) are other general indications. Here below you can see what he has taken Mercadona or Lidl.

Other well-known chains have followed his preventions and they have acted along the same lines, here are the links to each of the actions:

Find out and respect all these measures in supermarkets due to coronavirus. Ending the epidemic is in your hands too. Be responsible.