The world of kitchens has managed to adapt to all the circumstances that have surrounded it throughout history. Although, one of the biggest challenges for gastronomy has been the preservation methods of food, a real headache. And, when it seemed to have been resolved, comes the danger of freeze thawed. Surely you have ever heard, although the reality it can be quite different. You can do it by following a recommendations series to avoid as many risks as possible. Get to know them.

What is the technique of freezing the thawed?

Before being aware of all the precautions you should take before freeze thawed, you must know in detail what the first part consists of. And it is that, after all, it is one of the most used techniques to give you a longer service life to the products. But, like everything else, it can carry certain risks since stop multiplication of microorganisms, but does not eliminate them. Therefore, if you freeze a food that is in poor condition, you will defrost that product, but in a much worse condition than the previous one.

For all this, today we want you to be aware of these dangers, and have the ability to have them all controlled. Only in this way will you be able to keep your intact products for a longer period of time. You should know that all foods are composed mostly of Water. So it dehydrates when the temperature drops and the water solidifies. This is what explains your wide durability.

Freeze thawed

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Various types of freezing

Once you have understood the previous point, it is a must to know the different types of freezing that exist. You have to try to make the most suitable for each product. Its quality must be the same. The first consists of quick freeze. The water freezes rapidly, forming micro-ice crystals with a different shape. In this way, reduce risk of tissue rupture. You could say that this method is more efficient and the product will better preserve the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

On the other hand, you can opt for the slow freezing, in which the liquid freezes slower than in the previous one, forming large and sharp ice crystals. Which are capable of break tissues of food. The problem with this technique is that, when thawed, this damaged tissue cannot retain its own humidity. Thus, a large amount of nutrients are lost. So it is not highly recommended, if you intend to do the operation of freeze thawed.

Techniques for freezing the thawed

The key to preventing all the problems that this process can lead to is defrosting method. Therefore, you must take into account two recommendations. The first is that it is preferable defrost in the fridge. In fact, it is imperative that it be on one's own fridge, because in this way, at no time will the 8 degrees. This is the exact point where the strip begins. critical temperature in which bacteria are activated.

Along with this important point, it is recommended that you thaw all your products with a grating. You must do this so that the liquids separate of the product at the exact moment in which the thaw starts. In fact, it is that the water that is generated in the thawing process is the most prone to the appearance and bacteria proliferation. Therefore, it is important that they do not mix with the product for a long period of time.

Freeze thawed

Frozen meat. Source: (

Have you ever done the process freeze thawed in your house? It is important that you know that in addition to the dangers that it can bring to your health, characteristics flavor, color and even texture will vary greatly. So, if you have already defrosted a product, it is best to kitchens and once done, freeze it again. In this way, their structure changes and the process does not affect them. It is a method with certain risks, but ... you can control!

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