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The arrival of vegan food in restaurant chains

In recent years, the rise of vegan food has been increasing exponentially. Before, veganism was associated with radical politics or "hippie" groups, veganism has ascended to the astral plane of life.

More and more organic products and vegan products are being consumed. Many people have decided to lead a vegetarian and vegan diet in their lives. This has caused vegetable protein to break into diets and especially in restaurants. Vegetable protein companies have entered the hospitality market, supplying their vegetable meat preparations to restaurants and franchises.

Vegetable protein in Spain.

One of the main brands of vegetable protein in Spain is Heura, created by the company “Foods for Tomorrow”. The brand names the product itself, a vegetable meat that simulates the flavor and texture of chicken. It is made from soybeans. It has a line of products with a wide variety, currently they can be bought in some Spanish supermarkets such as La Sirena or Mercadona.

Recently, they have made the leap to chain restaurants. Since last December, Heura has provided four options of vegetable products to the Spanish chain "100 Montaditos"

Vegan products in fast food restaurants.

Everyone has wanted to take advantage of the vegan food boom, restaurant chains have wanted to do business and not lose customers. The first chain to offer vegan menus was Burger King, supplied by the American company "Beyond Meat". In 2019 they began to offer vegan products on their menu, since then they have taken it very seriously, including more and more variety. They've taken it so seriously that some of their locations have only served vegan food for a period of time. Other chains that also offer vegan lines are Telepizza and the gourmet hamburger restaurants Goiko Grill.

Currently, the vegan industry in Spain is valued at around 430 million euros, with indications that its value will increase over time.