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New regulation for wine competitions

Canarian wine wine competitions

The requirements for the granting of recognition of wine competitions have been published today (17/04/2017) in the State official newsletter.

The scope of the action protocol includes both the contests to be held in Spain as, exceptionally, in other countries. As long as they are organized by Spanish institutions. Therefore, the international competitions andn those with wines made in different countries, including Spain.

As well as in national competitions in which only wines made in Spain. Also in which only wines covered by a Supra-autonomic Protected Designation of Origin.

At least five countries must participate in international wine competitions

In the case of international contests, participation in the previous edition of samples originating from at least five countries. Plus Spain, in the case of general competitions. For their part, there must be at least three countries in the contests for categories or types of wine.

In the case of national competitions Participation in the preceding edition of samples originating from at least five Autonomous Communities. Always different from the one in whose territory the contest is held. That is in the case of general competitions and, of at least two, in those competitions by category or type of wine.

On the other hand, there are the wine competitions protected by a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) supra-autonomic character. Here the participation in the previous edition of samples that represent at least 20% of the wineries registered in the DOP. Those that can potentially participate in the contest.

Exceptions are also contemplated for the authorization of the use of the institutional logo of the ministry. Will be on contests and contests that offer a featured interest for the sector. Or they respond to circumstantial situations of an exceptional nature. Also for competitions that are endorsed by two or more Autonomous Communities.