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Turkish cuisine: from Istanbul to Izmir

La turkish gastronomy It is one of the most unknown in Spain. Many times, when they ask us what they eat there, we limit ourselves to thinking of the famous kebab o durum that are sold in street stalls. However, and without detracting from these two dishes already mentioned, Turkey has a wide range of dishes y desserts which are worth giving a chance. Discover it here!

Turkish gastronomy, hand in hand with bread

How about we start with something simple? Simple in appearance, because of course a lahmacun well done it can leave us quite spherical if we start eating without limit. This dish consists of a type of Flat bread stuffed with minced meat seasoned with parsley, isot pepper and lemon.

To continue with the bread, how about we take a basing (another type of fluffy flatbread), we spread it with Tulum (a delicious sheep cheese cured in goatskin) and we add tomato, cucumber, sorrel, chestnut honey and apple molasses? So we would have a perfect dish to start the day. Because yes, this is a breakfast.

Typical breakfast of Turkish cuisine
Typical breakfast of Turkish gastronomy | Source: Pixabay

And it is that bread is a very important element in the diet of the Ottoman territory. It is generally used as accompaniment and, at breakfast, it is not usually missing along with a Cup of tea. In addition, his usual dressing of seeds of cereal gives it a very successful flavor that combines with everything you decide to put on it.

snack at noon

The dead hours usually encourage us to gluttony, and normally we always look for what we have closest to hand to satisfy our appetite. But... what if you had a delicious Kunefe, a melted cheese cake that goes perfectly with the coffee recently made? I suppose that the meal would have to be delayed, because that delicacy cannot be escaped for something as trivial as the time.

Künefe, typical dish of Turkish cuisine
Künefe, typical dish of Turkish gastronomy | Source: Pixabay

Shall we continue? Because apart from cheesecakes and bread, something that also abounds in the turkish gastronomy is the use of the potato. And shey, a potato stuffed with kebab meat and blue cheese cream is sure to become absolutely irresistible in anyone's eyes.

And if we are still hungry, why not add a sweet and sour empanada? A thin puff pastry filled with ham, apple, cinnamon, brown sugar, curry and melted butter. an unusual mixture of flavors that will make you see colors while you chew, recreating in your own kitchen the famous scene from the Pixar movie «Ratatouille».

And we haven't even reached lunch time yet...

Turkish cuisine in all its splendor

Look, let's be honest. A classic can never be missing from such a list. That is why we are going to talk about the world-renowned Döner kebab. Many years ago Ottoman chefs discovered that cook meat horizontally, the fat leaked over the fire, fanning the flame. This very peculiar way of preparing the meat caused the outside to remain crispy and the inside to remain tender but done. If we add vegetables, tomato sauces and yogurt and a pita bread, we get the king of Friday afternoons.

Doner Kebab | Source: Pixabay

And if what we want is to look for a meal that looks as unfamiliar as possible, we can try the filling. This curious dish consists of grape leaves stuffed with cooked rice and pieces of meat seasoned with lemon. Perhaps they are used more as an appetizer, but they are not usually missing from the table when we look for a more striking recipe.

To finish, the best is always a good dessert. And the most famous of all Turkish cuisine is, without a doubt, the baklava. Aladdin's genie offered us a little in his song, but once we try it we will want to repeat it for sure. It is not an exclusive sweet from Turkey, but it is the country in which they began to be popularize. In addition, its base filo dough y nuts bathed in honey they will serve as the culmination for any meal, whatever you are.

What do you think? We, of course, have made our mouths water. Do you dare to try any of these delicacies?