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Smoked salmon: the king in Spain

El smoked salmon It is one of the favorite delicacies of the Spanish. Not only is it a simple dish to get and very versatile, but it also allows you to give it a touch fresh to parties where it seems. Today we will talk about the history of this delicious fish and how this way of preparing it came about. Find out!

Smoked salmon, a multipurpose delicacy

According to Seafood Council, Spain is, today, the fourth country with the highest consumption of fish per person in Europe. And from this survey, the salmon It is the product most consumed by the Spanish among all marine animals. And it is not surprising, because the fat, vitamins and proteins that this delicious fish gives us encourage its consumption. Even more so if we take into account delicious flavor.

There are many ways to prepare the salmon. Grilled, in sushi, cooked… But the most popular form is undoubtedly smoked. He smoked salmon is one of the most common to add fish to our diet. Despite being a moderately expensive product, this salmon preparation technique is characterized by being a classic way of preserve the food. Smoking meat, or fish in this case, serves to eliminate microorganisms that the food may contain.

Smoked salmon
smoked salmon | Source: Pescaderiascorunesas.es

Although normally the smoked salmon It is related to Scottish origins, the truth is that the first salmon smokers in the United Kingdom arise in London. These were the calls smokehouses, which began to be imported to the whole world so that this delicacy could be enjoyed around the globe. That's why the smoked salmon at first it emerges as a gourmet meal.

What do you think? Did you know the origin of this delicious food?