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Is pepper healthy?

The Spice They are an indispensable part of Spanish gastronomy. They are present in many daily preparations. But, Is pepper healthy? It is in charge of flavoring and giving a spicy touch to meals. So… know all your secrets!

The question of whether pepper is healthy

According to various experts, pepper contains high levels of various vitamins and nutrients. Among which stand out the A, C and K. As well as, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium among others. In addition, it has numerous benefits. For example, it improves digestion because it contains piperine. A compound that naturally stimulates the digestive system. Along with this, promotes weight loss. Well, it increases the rate of metabolism and favors the burning of calories.

As if this were not enough, pepper is very powerful against flu. And it is that, it helps to alleviate the symptoms. The antioxidant capacity is another of the keys to this product. Because of this, it could prevent cell damage. And thus, slow down the aging of cells. And last but not least, Improves absorption of nutrients.

Pepper is healthy
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Some contraindications

Although you could see that it presents lots of benefitsYou should consume the pepper in moderation. This is so, because excessive intake can have consequences. In fact, he would be guilty of reactions and irritations unwanted in the body. Including other aspects such as snoring. Gastrointestinal disorders or the appearance of irritable bowel. Therefore, there are certain sectors of society that are recommended not to consume pepper.

Among them are the people with hypersensitivity. They are joined by those suffering from intestinal diseases. In addition, pepper is contraindicated for anyone who has hemorrhoids. Because it is irritating and can accentuate the pain caused by them. And finally, the children are more sensitive to the effects of Facilities. Therefore, they have to take this product in small amounts.


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Now you know the answer to the question, Is pepper healthy? So, don't be afraid to incorporate it into your recipes. Remember, though, everything is good up to a point. Put bounds!