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Golden milk: the biggest secret of turmeric

Is golden milk the ayurvedic cappuccino? In this article we deal with one of the most delicious and healing uses that you can give to...

Is pepper healthy?

Condiments are an essential part of Spanish gastronomy. They are present in many daily preparations. But is pepper healthy? She is in charge of...

Mojo picón: Canarian character

Surely you know the mojo picón. The characteristic sauce of the Canary Islands has a history as peculiar as it is surprising. There are also different ways to prepare it...

Muslum wine, wine heritage of the Roman Empire

Muslum wine is a drink that has managed to stay alive for several centuries with a curious recipe that we describe here.

Salchichón de Vic, a spicy Catalan king

With IGP, this sausage from the Osona region (Barcelona) has specific features that differentiate it from others. Discover Vic's salchichón!

Allspice allspice

It is a very useful spice that gives us very different touches in the kitchen. We present Jamaican pepper in detail along with some recipes.

Substitutes for fat and salt: eat healthy

We address alternatives to two major problems for our health that can be solved by betting on substitute foods for fats.

Improving defenses in children: back to school!

Helps the immune system be in tip-top shape to return to classrooms in the time of coronavirus. How to improve defenses in children?

Pink pepper, a 'pretty' spice

It is a spice with a very peculiar aroma and flavor