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Do you know which glass to use for each wine? Find out

As several studies have shown, the choice of the glass improves not only the wine protocol, but it can change the taste of it. Therefore, it is important that you know what glass to use for each wine and for every occasion. Read on with us to find out.

The cup must be crystal or fine glass

First of all, as a general advice, you should know that the glass should be crystal or fine glass. It cannot be thick glass, plastic, or metal. Likewise, it must be totally colorless. That is, not frosted or silk-screened.

Regarding the shape, a very thin-walled cup is preferable. In addition, it is necessary that you always take the glass by the stem and fill it at most up to half. In this way, the wine can gradually release its aroma when a rotating movement is given to the glass that oxygenates the liquid. It also allows you to appreciate even the most delicate perfumes.

Which glass to use for each wine
Spanish wine glass

To each wine his glass

Some examples of the most popular glasses among wine lovers are seven: the unavoidable ones, the ISO tasting cup, the tulip cup, the flute cup, the wine tasting, the Caña, the Chiquito and the Cunca.

The tulip cup is the most used and it has two sizes: the largest, for reds, and the smallest, for whites. Instead, if what you are going to drink a wine sparkling the best option is, without a doubt, the one known as the flute cup.

Which glass to use for each wine
Wine glasses | Source: Riedel.com

Now that you know everything about what glass to use for each wine you just have to put your knowledge into practice and enjoy wine even more. Did you know any of the most used glasses? Did you know that the glass cannot be made of thick glass?