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Birdseed drink, does it help you lose weight?

La birdseed drink It is one of the many products that exist recommended for weight loss. Its enzymes, present thanks to the canary seed, allow to dissolve the accumulated fat, in addition to favoring the absorption of nutrients and avoiding excess fluids. It also has other qualities that are just as beneficial for our body. Do you want to know them? Keep reading with us.

What are the benefits of this delicious plant-based drink?

El birdseed It is part of the grass family and is one of the most nutritious seeds. It has a high level of protein, which makes the drink a very healthy vegetable alternative. Likewise, canary seed contains 11,8% fiber. Thus, it will promote digestion and proper intestinal transit.

In addition to these main benefits, canary seed seeds in drink favor other secondary processes that will promote weight loss. Some examples of these are reduce high blood glucose level, regulate cholesterol level and reduce hypertension.

Birdseed drink
Birdseed drink | Source: Pinterest de Mejorconsalud

How can you make your own birdseed drink?

To create this delicious and healthy drink vegetable you only need two ingredients: birdseed powder and water. And its preparation, therefore, is also very simple and fast.

All you have to do is add the powdered birdseed to the blender along with the water. Then process until the water becomes frothy and slightly brown. And… list! Perfect to drink at any time of the day, although our recommendation is to enjoy it on breakfast.

Birdseed drink
Vegetable drink of birdseed | Source:

In addition to its healthy properties, this product has a really tasty and pleasant taste, as a mixture between nut and pistachio. Do you dare to try it? It is an economical and healthy option that always brings good results.